The biggest thing that has happened in medical history is the link between measles and autism.


"If there is a risk of measles, it is necessary to circulate information about immunizations based on objective evidence rather than evidence and speculation.

Modern vaccines are designed to meet the most demanding safety and biosphere requirements, so there is no scientific basis for fear of health or even future generations. In the foreground, the removal of vaccines is a major risk to children and adults because less than 95% of the vaccine does not provide universal immunity and that does not prevent the spread of infectious diseases. In this case, not only are the vaccines themselves vulnerable, but also those that cannot be immunized as a result of age or health. For example, babies in Lithuania have been vaccinated against measles just after 15-16 months, so the epidemic which is still without significant harm is particularly dangerous, ”the report says.

Scientists also say that there is no link between measles and autism.

Misleading information about a negative impact on vaccines in social networks and in some media is adversely affected. The public should be aware that the myth of the bond between the knee vaccine and autism has long been rejected and is recognized as the dominant factor in medical history. Many epidemiological studies in different countries have provided scientific evidence of non-autism. Measles is being used for major vaccination programs for over 50 years, so there is no question about its safety and effectiveness, 'said the researchers.

Measles is a dangerous and serious viral disease that spreads through the air air and emerges in fever, rash and inflammation in the airway and the conjunctiva. Measles have been and remain one of the most common causes of death in all diseases subject to vaccine. The greatest threat to measles is infants, unborn babies or not fully vaccinated, pregnant women, and patient contact.

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