The bill has agreed the new driving license system – than it is expected


It was completed at the House of Representatives to vote and vote by a majority of the voting on the draft Law of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport on the new system of driving permits for vehicles.

In supporting the principle of the bill entitled "Driving and Driving Drums Certificate and Conduct and Other Proceedings", the SYRIZA and DISY vote. Vote ND and Golden Dawn against, and the KKE and Scottish League vote "today".

The bill also agrees two other changes that provide provisions for the distribution of trucks and builders and hiring through ASEP, OASTH and OSE.

Infrastructure and Minister of Transport, Christos Spirtzis, defending his legislation, says "after many decades, the bill was changed by a system change of non-communications that all citizens knew how dangerous it is. "

On the other hand, the Challenges challenged the inappropriate, unsuitable, and invalid bill that is wrong; affecting the problems.

"This reform is a complete plan framework to move forward to a new era of road safety," said the Infrastructure Minister.

At the same time, he talked about two axes of this refusal attempt, which is the first one that is in the process. related to infrastructure in the country's national road network and the second on road safety.

As Mr Spirtzis said, next week the tendering methods for the Patras-Pyrgos road line began, and spoke about road safety projects up to 500 million euros.

Speaking specifically on the road safety route, he talked about a & # 39; create an educational platform and an electronic platform for teacher information and tutoring – who has already piloted in schools – as well as changing the Road Traffic Code, so that it can be converted to & # 39; surrender and citizen education Post-

Mr Spirtzis explained sections of the bill, cameras and microphones in the test rooms and vehicles, as well as to pull the electronic, investigate and question the situation of questioning, the disciplinary penalties and the fees of up to 6,000 euros for inspectors and school driving, as well as driving a & # 39 ; join together for 17-year-olds.

He also made sure before October, the electronic system will be completed and thus implemented "it will be completed in the driving license."

Mr Spirtzis invaded the ND by explaining that he was saying he was working and his / her; Explain the conditions for driver renewal for drivers over 74 when this provision was made in March.

"You build yourself in ways that you can see and make you realize your policy. We are not afraid to make cuts and apply them to your interests, people, and your We will continue to return the old-fashioned trips that you have set up for decades. Whatever you do with the ND, the party will be positive It's a great deal that affects its old age and its right-handed dreams. You will not be successful and you'll be living in the challenging seats, "said Mr. Spirtzis.

For his, Rapporteur ND, Andreas Katsaniotis spoke about difficult arrangements, and calling him; bill is unsuitable and unsuitable.

As he argued, his privacy question was used to solve premature, long-term payments & # 39; as he urged the Minister for Transport to represent the classroom and moral illness by targeting thousands of professionals.

"No one says that the test system is innocent and does not require changes. But it wants a complete and definitive response rather than a sad and unsuitable bill that passes the difficulty and creating more, "he said.

It was made by the ND editor for the electronic test system, arguing that, and his / her; Testing candidates within 4 months of investing in microphones and cameras, their ministry is ready in 12 months.

He also talked about the disbelief of his or her ministry to the exams, "hosted by hosting their € 250-euro share", against doing Review of drivers over 74, saying that this is not true in any country in Europe.

"You're opening a new window of customer service by increasing the position of specific consultants and partners", he sent the ND reporter.

DISY Rapporteur Giannis Maniatis spoke to him on a "restaurant-based restaurant", saying, instead of " fighting corrosion and interaction, it is reinforced as long as it is & # 39; target social groups at the same time.

He also spoke of anti-fraudulent sentences and fees for potential drivers with a 50% increase in podium, and explained "Urueelian" the way in which candidates were determined and a house coronary guild without camera for candidates over 74.

KKE's special spokesman, Konstantinos Stergiou, said the bill did not deal with the problems that he had; and can not provide a commitment to transparency, integrity and deception to the full-private system.

"The current KKE votes". The bill attempts to make some improvements to the pollution, complexity and independence system that is beautiful, but completely. accepting privatization and capitalism, "said Mr Stergiou, saying that experiments for driving permits should be made by a general public system.

Mr Stergiou spoke about a bill's bill and indicated that renewal of the permission of older people over the age of 74 should be done through a detailed study with public hospitals.

Speaker of the Centrist Society, Yannis Saridis, spoke many issues of confidentiality and inconvenience in the driving license system and stressed that there was a multi-year information campaign with driving and driving lessons in What is needed to correct the situation of dispute.

"Over 70,000 activists are waiting for a test. There is an urgent need to reform the entire framework with a fair system with better management, uninterrupted and unprotected landmarks and visibility. ; promised by the draft law, "he said.

Finally, SYRIZA's Apostolos Karaarasasis Rapporteur spoke of a modern and innovative bill aimed at the final treatment of road casualties, the abolition of corruption and the establishment of violence.

"The development of the test, the ongoing testing of exams and electronic recording to ensure access to the" process ", has been noted among others.

Arrangements for the distribution of trucks and retailers

The bill also added to the change by Euclid Finance Minister Tsakalotou and Christos Spirits Infrastructure Commissioner, who provision:

Rules for the distribution of lorries and values:

In particular:

– It is possible to place more or more of a trainer or semi-competitor enclosed for each training. according to a ministerial decision.

– A single-rate fee of € 0.05 per kilogram is payable and can be resolved by a ministerial decision to enter every visit to the; round the same one with which they were put around.

– It is also expected that there will be a driving license for a period of time for medical purposes before reaching 65 years of age, the amount will not be renewed 50 euros on its / driving license and stamp duty and payment of the parliamentary sum.

The same amendment also gives a ministerial co-ordination to; explains:

-The administrative penalties for breaking national and European legislation where they are committed with lorries, valuers and half-trains

-The steps to limit the restriction of lorries in the country's road network.

Finally, it is expected that the "ANAPLAS ATHENS SA" asset will also be Societe Anonyme; including the funding from the regular infrastructure of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and not just funding from the Public Investment Program.

The Infrastructure Minister has also accepted a change by SYRIZA MP, Socrates Vardakis, for driver and driver appointments through ASEP to meet current needs at OASTH and OSE.

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