The Bitcoin does not lock a floor and it's a & # 39; reach its lowest value in 15 months


The Bitcoin does not build its head and aims to be an investment in 2018. The cryptocurrencies are already USD 730,000 million in market value this year after the expiration of historic price bubbles in December 2017 and January 2018.

The cryptocurrency spoke to a price plate of USD 3,265 in the last hours, and now based at USD 3,300.

If it is compared to its highest historical level USD 19,345 from 16 December 2017, an You can change your settings at any time. over twelve months.

Bitcoin's removal of this audio broadcast to a lowest price in 15 months, compared to USD 3,243 on September 13, 2017.

Up to now in 2018, Bitcoin's collapse is a collection 76% compared to USD 13,850 in which year began.

The hawks fall to have Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies shown only; confirming the views of some experts who came after the bubble.

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