The Bitcoin level is growing


The speed of decline has decreased slightly, but the Bitcoin course is still in a position; trade under the $ 4 thousand psychological mark.

On the morning of November 27, the level of the main crystal showed down another decline. This is apparent with Stock Fund data.

So, today's Bitcoin cost was announced at $ 3,715.08, compared to today's 7.09%. Capitalization was $ 64.181 billion.

Cryptocurrency Ethereum in the day lost 8.29% of the cost and is $ 105.37 trading. Bitcoin Cash price for a & # 39; morning $ 177.14, which is lower than the previous number by 3.43%.

Remember that the decline in prices for the largest swinging attitudes is seen from the middle of November. So, November 21, the Bitcoin course down to $ 4,271.4, and lose a quarter of its value. November 19 Bitcoin's exchange rate was more than $ 5.5 miles.

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