the black air boxes will be able to express the data in real time


Every incident or accident on an airfield is one of the first issues to get back black boxes (in orange) the plane with flying data and audio recordings on board the cock.

This essential information usually means that the reasons for the event or accident are determined, whether human or material, and are unable to recover , destroyed or detected, to be & # 39; secretly leave the families and the problems for the builder and insurance.

Black box Honeywell

Company Honeywell Just mentioned it wants to develop a new generation of black box capable of communicating flying data (FDR) and audio recordings (CVR) in real time at any time.

A major promotion in the latest communications technologies, especially with satellite in the low orbit, company to come together Curtiss-Wright to create a new system whereby the ultimate reach maker can for conservation purposes. It will also be possible to quickly extract the data if there is an emergency.

These new black boxes, which record both FDR and CVR, will be & # 39; behavior of the kind HCR-25 and will exceed the new EASA certification requirements (European Air Safety Group) runs from 2021 and provides at least 25 hours of audio recording.

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