The blessings will come back! Muller opened two shots and feelings built. Bayern was a traveler's guide


Original title: Fushen till! Muller opened two shots and feelings built. Bayern welcomed the last passengers.

Against the newly promoted Düsseldorf, Bayern opened his visiting team and set up 3 goals, but also got 3 goals with the enemy. At the end, there were 3-3, who were unable to go back in the league. A feeling. The same benefit is in the # 39; This night's league was to count the Muller who made the visit.

From the new season, Muller has set up two goals as well as the start of the league, and almost all of them have been uncomfortable in the rest of the game. Before the campaign, there were only 3 goals in 16 in each event, and even 2 aids. Data fell. In the national team, Muller also lost slowly. Although this national team is surrendered on a day, Muller introduced hundreds of games in his national team, but his performance is on his / her; mountain, work and occupation have been worse than before. Despite this, Loew's coach and # 39; praises Muller. "He is worthy of great respect and a great thank you. It is not yet 30 years old. If someone is currently completing 100 national team games, it's really good. Once there are others saying they need a break, Muller is here, for the national team to get everything. "Currently, Muller data in the national team is 100 games and 38 visitors. At the earliest time, it is not so low but the performance in the last two years; disappeared very unsatisfactory, but 17 national team events did not reveal only 2 goals. We also do not know the World Cup in the summer.

With the military medals of 100 yards of the country, Muller returned to the club. Before going against the Düsseldorf match, Muller and Lewan team took a prize for their awards. club. Bayern marked the two strikers to reach the national team and give them two giants. Photographs and flowers. It might have been a messenger; A club that gives a great luck to Muller. Faced with Düsseldorf, Muller got the last feeling of the lost feelings.

Seeing that Bayern's crime is still a thunder and heavy rain, although Jules visited, but found the cheaper protection mistakes. At an important moment, Muller came on. In the 20th minute, he got a long pass from Boateng. After leaving outdoors, he broke the ball in his penalty and finished his & her; piece in front of the door. At the beginning of the second half, when Düsseldorf got back, Muller and Lewan were in the heart of a treaty. Lean Muller hit Lewan's leg and continued, and earned his right foot and punished another goal.

He helped Bayern to expand the score to two goals, but he still could not help Bayern. Although Muller's amazing work is a bit bad because of the team's final decline. However, in terms of the team's unsatisfactory performance, Muller undoubtedly missed a huge profit. At least Kovac has a hand that can be one-handed. If Muller can stop and help normally, Bayern's performance will not be bad, and Muller can also be a director of the repeatment of Southern Star. Do not forget, Muller is a great star of Bayern blessings. Previously, as long as he succeeded in the game, Bayern had not yet been defended. Muller won 81 times in the Bundesliga, and in the 81 games that had been played; Bayern production, the Bayern 76 album won and 5 attracted!

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