The BMW Z4 test, assignation sheet, ideas and measures sDrive20i Steptronic benefits


Four or six cylinders

A couple of days back in the new auction business BMW Z4 It's a beautiful spider that can be started starting with euros 43,800 of the 20i sDrive, driven by a turbo 2.0 turbine of 197 hp. Prices range from € 53,100 for sDrive 30i, with the same four-cylinder engine bringing it to 258 hp, and from € 66,800 for the M40i, with a six-cylinder line of 340 horses. Exactly the sDrive 20i, which is transmitted by the 8-speed automatic transmission, is now the only person available (later that 6-speed handover) will also be available. speak.

Against the BMW Z4 leading to 2016, the new edition has more aggressive design. The pre-metal hood is made of canvas to save weight and reduce the mass in the stock when folded. The dimensions are also changing: the 9 cm car is longer and 7 cm wider, while the wheel-base is shortened by 3 cm to improve flexibility between the loops. In front of him, the new Z4 stands out more classically from the BMW style due to the more developed lights, with the two elements of light being placed above the other, and the loss of the grille t the traditional strips for more intelligent and fun design. Behind it, it stands out for the large L-shaped light, which mixes the spoiler inside the chest, and for double resolution, of about 2.0 and trapezoidal in 3.0.


Best fly BMW Z4 following the most recent reforms within BMW continue, the seats are low and accessible and the screens are large (10.25 inches) and digital dashboard (12.3); included in the Live Cockpit Professional (2.820 euro) pack providing a huge amount of information for the driver, but some graphic information on the dashboard is not always clear, with a 281 liter quiz , 100 more than before.

Slum medicine

a & # 39; BMW Z4 it's new, and has a lot of fall back, with five arms. The guidelines are ready for each turn: in addition to energy assistance, the ratio between the control zone and a wheelie wheel circle will also change (it will be more direct in tight corners). Despite the growing external dimensions, the Z4 is lighter than previously: less 65 kg, mainly due to its canvas. And the weight is evenly spread between the front and the back, to make the best of the tires when it is in a corner. A larger synthetic system and interruption of international control is also an option (or alternative to the more powerful M40i) which, according to your driving mode, favors substantial relief or comfort.

Easy and detailed

a & # 39; BMW Z4 sDrive 20i that it's a easy car; He knows how he is playing on winding roads. Body measurements are clearly seen, and just move that the degree of visible visibility is limited by the small back window; however, the rear view camera (with good photographic quality) and parking sensations, which is included in the Park Assistant's contribution (€ 1,180), helps to prevent. Selecting the Comfort sense, the blockage is electronically held (1,020 euros) taking rough rough rough road surfaces, but also by the lower shoulder of tires having the 19 optional wheels (980 euros) ). The slender car shapes along with strong defenses make sure that there is enough cohabitation at road speeds. When the road is opened and the selected Sport mode is selected, the Z4 will be more responsive and specific: the obstacle will intensify and the 8-speed automatic transmission will change at faster speeds and scale when they are broken down, in manual mode, choosing the gears with the paddles on the stage, the changes are swift, but when you get to the highest level the gear will go automatically select height if you continue to accelerate: the maximum acrobatics doesn't detect you.

Short and moving. Too …

A 2.0 turbo the BMW Z4320 Nm of a torchbearer from 1450 rpm, he always responds quickly, but he only provides a sport of 3500 rpm. The house states that there is 0-100 in 6.6 seconds (a value which looked real to us) and the maximum speed of 240 km / h. In the sport driving mode you can also make popping sounds from the hair on the climb, and the buzzers offer a gritty rota, which goes over (with a book become more apparent to us). coming from the engine. The guide, very light in all the ways of driving, is just about 'worrying'. The pedal brake is sensitive, but you use it quickly, and certainly the system has enough power to achieve them. We drove the Z4 on slippery roads. Even in these situations, and accepting a good rhythm, the car is certainly high: the car closely follows the journeys, even in tight corners.

And on the way, with 3.0 …

Some laps on the Vallelunga route have allowed us to test the dynamic properties of the most powerful ones. BMW Z4: The M40i. According to the house, the 640-hornepower six-cylinder engine with a 500 Nm axis allows acceleration between 0 and 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds and reaches 250 km / h (independently to). electronically). This output is linear by distance, but the powerful drive allows you to start quickly again from 2000 rpm. A limited range of restrictions is used to release power on the back wheels and the gear box is, always, automatic with 8 gears, faster and drier in gear. In Sport Plus mode, the incentive trigger and electronic security thresholds will be raised to allow more attractive driving. When you insert a loop the Z4 M40i is fast and detailed and, by adjusting the slide difference, it accelerates out of corners without even confusing in wet cases asphalt. Powerful and stable braking certified by the bracket system.

Follow us

> Automatic transmission. He chooses the appropriate ratio reliably according to his driving style and is ready quickly if he is used with paddles in hand.
> storage. The insulation cover from soap and introduction of road beats is good for spiders.
> Road capture. On the road, even in driving safe, the car is safe and at the same time you are entering a corner.

> Digital tablet. Despite the appearance very clearly, some of the information is difficult to read first.
> Sound of the engine. In Sport mode it is covered with the roar coming from the speakers who have a high degree of accuracy.
> Visibility back. With its summit in its place, the small window behind it finishes the view. It would be better to pick the backdrop and the sensors.

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