The Board of Complaints and the State Council of Egypt will identify a memorandum of understanding


The Chair of the Complaints Board, Sheikh Dr. Khalid bin Mohammed Al Yousuf today with the Chairman of the Council of the State of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Dr. Ahmed Abdul Aziz Al-Azm, and his representative body, who is Visit the Complaints Board this week.

At the beginning of his visit, he left the President's Diwan of the Complaints to the & # 39; Prime Minister of Egypt and the representative body. He said that pleasure was Board of Complaints and the people present at this historic tour, which is considered to be the first of the State Council of the Arab Republic of Egypt. Of the kind between the two legal groups. Confirms that this trip is expanding the successful trip with its & Board of Complaints to the State Council of Egypt during the month of March.

The Conservative of the Two Holy Mosks, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and His Highness Prince and Crown, Allah could be preserved, issued to the Prime Minister of Egypt and the representation accompanying their visit to the United Kingdom and meeting critical scientists. Legal facility represented by the Ombudsman and her courts.

Senior President of State Council, Dr. Ahmed Abu Al Azm gave a speech in which he discovered his pleasure on his trip and thanked the Keeper of both King Mosques St. Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and His Highness Prince & # 39 ; Fiscal for entertaining and entertaining.

He said that this trip, which increases relations between brotherhood between the Arab Republic of Egypt and Saudi Arabia, as well as its existence. mutual benefit between the two sides in the administrative justice field, he welcomed ongoing collaboration with the Board of Complaints in writing; seek justice. "We are aware of their knowledge and knowledge. They have a long history in this regard, and in the exchange of reflective decisions there is a great interest in which to depend on Continue legal work and its obstacles. "

Subsequently, the audience saw an ambitious display of the levels and development of its Complaints Board, through the most important achievements that have been achieved in recent years, and then the people saw who was presenting a presentation is similar to the Mawn Al-Maqsal system, which is the focus of an electronic electronic process in the Ombudsman's Office. And making it easier for applicants to get their essential issues electronically.

The 2020 Ombudsman's strategic plan presentation, which incorporates the most important columns of the plan, represents five aims: a & # 39; decrease all its & # 39; justice with high quality and electronic changes to the Complaints Board's work within 5 years, Governance of the Court of the Ombudsman and its courts, as well as the provision of buildings for the Ombudsman and its courts, According to the critical environment, and ultimately promoting partner relationships and constructive reflective awareness.

The host and producer also presented a presentation on the interactive panel of the recently launched Judicialry Judicialry Performance Management System, which has been launched. including measures for measuring court performance, measuring the percentage of completed cases, and # 39; Demonstrate the number of judgments, and evaluate judgments for representatives of government agencies.

His Majesty, the President of the State Council, the counselor Ahmed Abu Al-Azm, suggested the technical development of the Office of the Ombudsman, which helped to help work, judge. He also stated that he was praising the publishing campaign, which is responsible for making a " spread knowledge of the most important principles and principles of critical work. They have a role in helping to process a legal process.

Chairman of the Ombudsman's Council and President of the State of the Arab Republic of Egypt introduced an understanding memorandum to develop and extend collaboration in the field of administrative justice, as well as improving performance and the legitimacy of the two parties' critical management, particularly in a range of electronic electronic applications related to data, As well as promoting aspects of training and development between the two sides, providing knowledge and knowledge, publications, publications and scientific research on administrative justice.

Then, President Diwan of Complaints, President of the State Council and its representative body together with Diwan nan Gearanan resources in its various departments and departments. The Egyptian delegation has focused on the Ombudsman's main library.

HE, the First Minister and his representative body met with the legal court project at the Court of Justice where the visiting representative reported video shows, including: a human resource show on his electronic system, another for regulating financial matters on an electronic financial system; Bureau and the third performance of IT management.

Amongst the State Council's delegation, along with His Honorary President of the State Minister Ahmed Abul-Azim, councilor Yusri Hashim Sulaiman Al-Sheikh, Former State Convener President, High Courts and Councilor / Hassan Kamal Mohammad Abu Zeid Shalal, Former Prime Minister and Head of Legislation and Akram Hussain Councilor. Deputy Chairman of the State Council and the Technical Administration Chair for Membership of Membership and Special Council, and Adviser / Mustafa Mohammed Abu Al Yazid Basiouni Al-Halafawi, Former Prime Minister of the Council Member State of Technical Administration for Businesses Ball and a & # 39; Special Council and the consultant Dr. Ahmed Abdel Aziz Taha Ibrahim, And Prime Minister's Technical Office.

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