The "Bonadio impact" was affecting the most significant Merval and country's risk since September


Assassination penalty

The signal developed by JP Morgan raised 13 points to 708 units. Restriction and uncertainty among investors with the country

An work order le an judge Claudio Bonadio gu entrepreneur Paolo Rocco hitno de complete there an market. An papers de Keep yourself and Ternium their back gu iindex menu Merval yesterday shortno to do streak de upload up and endno 0, The80% below.

"there was gun Place a of course an news mas excellent de an day, The an work yesterday dictno Bonadio there an frame de an purpose de an notebooks. A raiz de here, The an sections of the Group Links they are registered strong caidas, The so much there an out, The so there an square local" lookÑ Eduardo Fernadhez, The analyst de Rava Society de Bag.

Mari, Keep yourself fellno 9, The90% long as it is yesterday Ternium cedino 3, The93% there Good Aires. As wellen e they saw caidas there Banking Supervielle and TGS there brat gu 3, The50%.

Ann yesterday yesterday speak a an jobs there New York, The tooen e they saw disaster de almost 10% want an sections de Keep yourself yesterday they finished drained gu rest de an papers Argentinians yesterday they recite alli.

An great pleasure even e moveno gu market de bonuses. An endangered pais measure le an mountain JP Morgan increase 13 units up an 708 points basicos, The level maximo from start de September.

An uncertainty policingimy ideas le an elections seated of the año prnoximo thisia yesterday e amplie an different between an bonuses Argentinians spread there 2019 and others a get over when problem a new periodo de Government. Between an tiheadlines 2019 and 2021, The an gap comeno a sign 500 points basicos.

"An different between both bonuses (The2019 and 2021) ea tells an endangered policingiI say yesterday represented an elections of the 2019: a last changed de course respect of the cure de an debt and/ /o an way de confirmationnon flickering" eñguno Jose Echagüe, The strategist financially de Consultation Investment.

An purpose legal yesterday dundino gu market

An judge faithful Claudio Bonadio processno this one Tuesday gu Chief Executive of the Group Links, The Paolo Rocca, The there an frame de an purpose de an notebooks le said sobbies there an work pugreat time an government before.

Sources legal eñback yesterday an work de Rocca, The one de an entrepreneurs mas powerful of the pais, The Yes yesterday see le an pay de sobbies yesterday a active de to do group spreadno a officers Kirchnerists.

An magistrate faithful tooen e dictno an to call de merecited gu entrepreneur Marcelo Mindlin, The de Pampa Energia.

An 5 de October spent, The gu loan confirmationnon questioned before Bonadio, The Rocca said yesterday no I was gu so much de an payments unfair yesterday inno Yes carried out gu government before an active of the group Luis Betnaza.

Ann to do presentationnon before an judge, The Betnaza sureno yesterday reserved "several meetings" le an ex president Cristina Kirchner want request "gu government Argentinian yesterday translate" so interpreter before an then president de Venezuela, The Hugo Chatime, The le "an endangered de nationalizationnon" de one de an signatures yesterday an kept.

Segun an guide, The an payments they were yesterday see le one questionnon daunting want protection gu personal yesterday e achieveñaba there Sidor.

Al respect, The Rocca negno Yes knowledge de an events, The yesterday orderno a Betnaza and a other director de Links, The Hector Zabaleta, The who there an purpose Yes to call de merecited.

An missingño of the group no appear named there an notebooks of the revitalization Oscar Seagal, The but there was eñwings le an financially Ernesto Clarens, The who tooen tellno before an magistrate, The le delivered said sobbies time an rulednon before.

An work de Rocca, The yesterday in a however de 4 one thousand millions de weights and an bannednon de drop out of the pais, The there was named together a an increasenon de an allegations de an ex officers July De See, The Jose Muiria Olazagasti, The Roberto Baratta, The Hernan Camilo Gnomez and Nelson Lazart.

"Ann an today case, The e found confirmed le an level de confirmation Needed there this one level methodology yesterday Paolo Rocca, The habria have been one de an people yesterday orderno an delivered de money carried out le Hector Zabaletta a an officers of the ex Ministry de Designnon Realistic, The those who are then they died an activities yesterday they were himself de an actionnon yesterday achieveian, The sizeadhose disappeared a benefit a an coasters" eñguno an judge.

Ann how many a an to call de merecited de Mindlin, The an magistrate speakno: "Ann an pay understand no e scenery an matrix based there an rest de an delivered de money yesterday they were Scheduled le Oscar Seagal there do not pounds, The as well a yesterday of the certificate of the appointed to respond impact diverse measure de test to wait a confirmation o removed do not said"

Ex officers, The tooen be handled

An judge Bonadio tooen I made a decisionno process gu ex headteacher de Chapineit Juan Manuel Abal Medina and a to do ex secretary private Martin Larraburu, The those who are they got in Yes they got money de an gathernon spread from an Ministry de Designnon want campaignñso vote, The though they said give up an source of the likewise.

Abal Medina and Larraburu "dutyan answer so partners missing, The all in all time yesterday part of the retirement and spreadnon of the money, The yesterday I was delivered a an officers those who are exerciseian an decisionnon about it an sections himself de an actionnon pugreat yesterday debian play so equal de an sum de money delivered"

Ann August spent, The an ex headteacher de Chapineit tellno yesterday I gotno help you there black de entrepreneurs want an campaignña vote of the FPV 2013, The yesterday they were collected le Baratta.

"Always I understand iti yesterday said help you de private they were free volunteers and de no way want low coercinon" want support an campaignña vote de Daniel Ski, The Daniel Filmus and Martin It hurts, The tell meno Abal Medina.

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