The books of Macky Sall are popular with newspapers


Dakar, November 27 (APS) – Senegal's News Business News dailies will take a look at the good work of a state-owned self-historian called "Senegal at the Heart", deal with other topics.

"Mr Mackay's story-keeping" and is a summary in the Une, L & # 39; AS newspaper about this book, published on the previous day with the sovereignty of the Republic .

Throughout the 168 pages of the booklet published by Le Cherche Midi, Macky Sall "continues to post, talk about his family and report on recent events , "said the president in the statement.

"In this book, the state commander speaks of himself, his position, from his birth to today", and " refers to a newspaper that is gives detailed information on the good newsletters for readers.

The publication examines where President Sall, his inquiry, has responded to the allegations of abusiveness that he has sent against him; there, Abdoulaye Wade.

"This matter has made a dispute on the town community of Ndouloumadji Founbe, my father's home and Nguidjilogne, where my mother is from, asked my family, my family, everyone den Fouta indignant and injured (…) not to respond to those allegations, "says the publication that recites the author of the book.

With the usual use of puns in One The newspaper newspaper; He mentions: "Sall tells Macky" about the book that is questioned.

In delivering good brochures, the newspaper will learn as an example for the readers' opinion of the state leader in respect of special political actors. "Idy (Idrissa Seck)" is an authoritative man. "(Abdoulaye) Wade enters your pharanoia, I did not change the power," a & # 39; Starting a newspaper announcing the book.

For the Spectator, through this book, "Macky Sall always remembers". In his pillars, the daily dakarois states that the book says "20 years of political history made of communications, tears, origins, humiliation and revenge of the confidence of people, sometimes not to & # 39; making so much impact, but always amazing, walking with a head to head leadership ".

"It is said to have been close, in financial hardship, in 2000, I was forced to stay in a small studio!" Ragots of course. This meeting met, " Vox Populi says the title "Macky continues his life".

The dailies also returned to scrubs that took place Monday at the National Assembly of Representatives during the review of the Higher Education Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation budget.

Walf Quotidien shows a big battle in the National Assembly and there is no doubt to go to; Describes this event as Senegal's "dark page in history".

"The leaders have included the best game: to fight as a tidy man in the tide. Try to agree to talk time, parliamentarians agree on both sides as gladiators in the field, "said the newspaper pillars.

The appeal banned the master of the old Dakar after being convicted in the first and second place to five years imprisonment and a fine of money for her; Guerrero's leadership ahead of Dakar Sud Quotidien's bigger city title "Khalifa, candidate hangs".

"A senior manager may request his logo to be empty before submitting bids, registered for 11 December," a & # 39; Write the newspaper information about the opening of its stopping trial project on; case with his followers.

As a result of the High Court certification of the first court decisions, the clan chief of the Socialist Party set off the entire election competitions.

Away from these political concerns, Le Soleil preferred to deliver the craft marketing initiative when he was in a position; doing, announcing when he started to maintain a kilogram at 210 CFA francs.

"The same thing as the previous initiative in line with the proposal made by the Groundnut International Committee (CNIA), as long as the campaign opens on December 3," they said every day.

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