The boundaries of the woman Trieu Vy followed in the security department


Trieu Vy and Huynh Huu Long put out supervisory roles on stock market with many false allegations in business.

On the afternoon of November 20, the Chinese big newspapers are similar Sina, NTDTV Shanghai Stock Exchange dropped Zhao Wei and Huynh Huu Long. Therefore, there are not four artists and some partners associated with their supervisory or management role in the stock exchange in the next five years.

Zhao Wei and Mr Huynh Huu Long came to a film event. Picture: China.

Zhao Wei and Mr Huynh Huu Long came to a film event. Photograph: China.

Many of the crimes involved in long-term trading companies, as a result of their name, due to their name: financial problem, projection, market handling. Principal legal case.

Earlier in April this year, VND1 billion Billie Trieu Vy and Huynh Huu Long were clay and was suspended from trading on his / her; stock market for commercial fraud. By the year 2016, a woman has been hitting a crap of political vulnerability. At the same time, she invited the Taiwanese actress, Tuan Tong Rong, who supported Taiwanese independent independent ideas from China to film projects. There is no other love of his.

Recently, Zhao Wei participated in filming a charity program in Guangxi with his close friend Lin Jinyu. Photograph: Weibo.

Recently, Zhao Wei took part in filing a charming program in Guangxi with his friend Lin Cheng. Photograph: Weibo.

Trieu Vy – Huynh Huu Long knew and married in 2009. Their daughter was born a year later. In November 2016, the Long Vy Tibetan Cultural Communications Company was established by a powerful twin. Month again, the company was asked by Exchange Securities Exchange to clarify an investment project and buy non-profile stock.

Huynh Huu Long is a Singaporeach citizen, working in finance, estate, car and travel areas. HK $ 3.1 billion (almost $ 400 million) is an asset, with several restaurants, hotels, wine farms and is the second largest stakeholder at Jack Ma at Alibaba. with a 9.18% share.

Red Flag Zhao Wei Hundred Flowers

Zhao Vy appeared on the Golden Rooster red brass prize ceremony – Early Floral Floor Surplus

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