The break of Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie was broken


American tabs say that Hollywood star now faces big financial problems.

About these reports at any time.

According to Western Media, 43-year-old actor Angelina Jolie is struggling to support her six pupils, as the legal costs of her separation affairs with Brad Pitt will cause great damage to the bank account. T her. “Angelina doesn't have enough money, and she's having difficulty meeting forms,” said the actor close to the actor. Journalists from the United States believe that Jolie was inscribed during divorce, so she asked her to pay her a salary beforehand to register the "Disficent-2". .

This information surprised film-makers. It is worth noting that Angelina Jolie was back in second in 2018 in the list of top paid players according to influential publications. A noted person in the same year could earn $ 28 million.

It was said earlier that Angelina Jolie took part in the new Marvel movie of the universe.

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