The bride's wife is sad, the groom is as a desert after her family relations in her; cookie pice cookie cake


The brilliant day of marriage is a wedding day in the life of the bride and bride. On this special day, as well as family, friends, a friendship company makes a happy day the bride and the brighter. However, people are still celebrating: who are not happy to be …

In recent times, an impressive display of the reality of that statement has just appeared on MXH. The main character in the series that has recently been shared by the bride with a white, white and more prominent face than the bride after getting her & # 39 ; "add body" package from end to end. As you know, not just the person involved but the only friends of young people!

Game notes with cake, a wedding dress if you have to buy the rent … (Photo Thanh Kim Bui)

At every wedding today, after the ring and proof of the same house, the bridegroom will combine wine and finally join her; Cut a cake to invite the guests. But, at this wedding, he did not; They both got a really cake piece because the gluten was used … to face the wedding!

Brideag is empty, sad bride, long as the bridegroom is going to smile how the next season would be "so fun"! (Photograph by Thanh Kim Bui)

Shortly after being shared on the MXH, the trolleys were found well at their wedding that they were in a position; attract the network interest. Again to laughter with the "new" shape bride, most of them said that this wonder is too many!

The image is now widely shared by websites and the most subdirect line is: "This is a sad story …"

"There's no good sport at all, it's not good, it's a birthday, it's a wedding day, people must also worry about customers who now sends this as you do … " – Facebook ideas away.

"I do not know how close my friends are, but I'm sure there are no parents, loved guests, look at the bride's face. – Facebook put together Kim Anh.

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