The British convicted for a bombing in the UAE, Matthew Hiddigis, returned after pardon


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Matthew Hedges still says he is innocent

The British Academy, imprisoned for the UAE, gave his wife, Daniela Tejada, thanked her for her "confidence and strength" to help her get out.

Matthew Hiddigues, 31, arrived at Heathrow Airport on Tuesday morning after the welfare of a president in the UAE.

"I could not achieve that without Daniela, and I knew she was moving here and there, she was strong and strong, and the best thing that happened to me I did not see myself and my family after that. "

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Hedgees, who was arrested at the Dubai airport in May, said he was innocent and had been collecting material for part of his GP research at the University of Dharam on the strategy security in the UAE.

But a spokesman for the UAE government said Heidegiz was "100% of the fault of secret information."

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Daniella Tejada helped to get rid of her husband

Britain thanked the United Arab Emirates after amnesty, which included more than 700 prisoners, including Hedgees, the President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa, during the Day Nationality the next month.

The amnesty was named when the video video authorities showed Hedgees searches that he was a member of the MI6 British intelligence service.

The British Foreign Secretary said "thankful" to the UAE, which is regarded as London as a strategic partnership in the Middle East.

"I am delighted that Matthew is returning, and we need time to understand what we have understood," said the Uisdean's wife Tuesday.

"No one should go through what we've been doing," she said, saying her husband needs "time to get over."

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