The British Financial Times index linked to the revival wave is guided by the oil and financial sectors


London stock exchange logo. Reuters Archive.

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain's biggest stock record index was going to settle across Europe on Monday as concerns about the demolition of Britain that was demolished after a weekend vote in the & # 39; Brussels as investors entered into the oil and financial sectors and the telecommunications index rising through news about the West-

100 British & Financial Times calculations started 1.2 per cent.

The index has received the most support from the financial sector, with HSBC, Standard Chartered and Aberdeen Standard Life rising 2.6 to 3 percent after the last EU directors have been signed to design the UK.

EU leaders said that the agreement reached by the Prime Minister of Britain was Teresa The one who would best get his country.

These advantages showed the strength of the European banking sector in general, which had increased with reports that Italy could budget targets to avoid the control of a disciplinary act with its " Brussels.

Oil stocks also found that some of the losses were turned off after it dropped by almost 8 per cent in the last session as a result of having to recover the growth.

Divisions in the Royal Dutch Shell rose 2.9 per cent, as long as BC had a & # 39; gaining 2.4 per cent, and John Wood's energy services company, 7.6 per cent, managed Financial Times.

Vodafone received support from cases in the evening, following the Reuters report that the European Commission was moving to agree to a union in the Netherlands, revitalizing the hope of joint union and construction work.

The European telecommunications department's index list rises to 3.3 percent behind the news.

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