"The Britons captured the Falklands and gave revenge …", Cinthia Fernndez destroyed


Everything has a light and a screen and it looks like this is a choreogram Cinthia Fernndez and Gonzalo Gerber in the eleventh rhythm of 2018 Dance the two fuels. Dance and games warriors were very pleased with the Malvinas entrepreneurs, 27 points, the second highest score and they were away from the Marcelo Tinelli program with a smile of his face, however, Complaints came through social networks.

The shortest spectators are at the time of their opinion and do not allow any information to pass, at this time, users were aware that the choreography given by Cinthia was equivalent to one of Britain's Got Talent and did not lose the chance and eliminate social networks "The Britons of Malvinas and Cinthia Fernndez raised revenge by cracking their crabs "write", "He is already heavy, attractive …, on his rented rent and asking forgiveness", "The greatest man of Cinthia's typing", "They need to punctuate decrease to those that spell-spell "and" Cinthia Fernndez support models … ", some of the comments on Twitter lapidarios.

Cinthia Fernandez

The fact is that the partner also suffered an application similar to another one of his exhibitions, and at this time, the sailors did not talk about it, scores out completely and left the score to a step of the next mode of the final ones of the Marcelo Tinelli program, from the beginning of the 2018 season end.

On the other hand, Fernandez said that this year had to be away from the scandals and the campaigns, but it seems that his achievements have not been fulfilled because he was involved in the chases around Finally in several feet and the best starred by Marcelo Polino. The partner and the jury commented on everything and the journalist expressed her in a strong way. "You're almost ignorant, on your hands you've completed a primary school," said the driver of the show's specialists.

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