The Buenos Aires spokesman was going to send her; blamed on the highest places of the River and gave them a "mafia" – World Football – Others


Buenos Aires The majority of Oraccio Rodriguez Laretta had a great deal. Blaming Juniors' Big Bang Event on River River Barbara fans.

According to the high-ranking Argentine capital, the Boca vehicle, which ended the finalization of the Copa Libertadorres, was suspended to be presented as a revenge.

On the day before the game, the rod home was investigated most of the "brava bar" and 229,000 barley was introduced into pesos and 300 tickets to the border.

The attack was on her; The bus responds to its lock for work to & # 39; police.

"Bar Bravo is a problem for our society." Mafia, introduced in football for 50 years, "said Oraccio Rodriguez and Lareta.

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