The Buenosairean legislation agrees to the online game in the town


The Buenosairean legislation agreed to have an online game in the area, where it was illegal so far, and certified the games to the results of the football matches, even though it hindered The involvement of leaders and players of the event clubs. The local state plans to raise 500 million pesos.

The law was issued 34 votes left the ruler and 22 opposed to the fragile fractions that attended serving for the potential damage to the activity, such as complaining.

The campaign creates "online games" and is recognized from "opportunity or skill, sporting commitments, internet games and a promise that does not have fun through going to" using tools, instruments or support, of any kind or of technology", points Telam.

He was voted with a signed agreement session between the reign of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta in the town and María Eugenia Vidal in the Buenos Aires department for coordination of activities in using online games between both sovereignty.

According to the Government's officials before the Legislation, it found about a thousand websites that sell games of opportunity in a secret way, and the rules were encouraged so that the State could manage the game to protect to do "the rights of young people, users and users, as well as reducing cash glows. "

The amount, at the same time, prohibits messages that are linked to sports events such as football league games "than athletes, coaches or other direct participants in the event or sporting activity The bet is made and the directors are the sports or organizing groups that take part in the event or a sporting activity to which the bet is set"

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