The building fell in Kartail and the remains


On Thursday, 6 February at 16.00 in Istanbul Kartal, a 8-storey building was destroyed by great noise. According to home recordings of 43 people living in the 14-storey establishment, 3 floors of the sound were named after the event. Regarding the building where the accident was known, it was also understood that there was no lawsuit request or confirmation of a dangerous legal structure on the Reform of the Zones Under Risk Disorder Areas. 6306 and that the Building Registration Certificate application was made by the right keepers within the scope of Reconstruction peace legislation. To date, 16 people lost their lives in the event, due to all these reasons due to the registration of irregular and illegal construction.


Kartal Municipality, after the crash, said the building had two floors. Kartal Street Orhantepe Street Bankalar Street Sema after the building that fell within a search area; Yesilyurt Household building was commenced on November 23, 1992 by Kartal Municipality with a 2-39 construction permit, organized by Hikmet Yesilyurt. Although the building was licensed under 6 floors (Ground + 5 floor), two more of the annexes were allowed without permission.


Kartal Municipality said that, when the building assignment archive file was inspected, no destruction or destruction record was installed on 2 floors and 4 flats without permission in accordance with Articles 32 and 42 of Lunch Sònadh Àir: 3194. In 2017, the Kartal Municipality of Police and Expenditure Directorate and the Directorate, which confirmed that his / her. shop on the lower floor of the building without a working permit, working illegally.


Kartal Municipality said that the building that was settled according to the "Peace of Reconstruction" which is a debate theme: "There is no dangerous structure or decision application in terms of Area Encouragement Under Accident Injury, "In a context called" legislation, applications for the Building Registration Certificate are the right keepers ".


Union of the Turkish Engineers' Rooms and Architects (Chamber) of 60 per cent of the stock of the building in Turkey that are illegal, both of these structures have stated that its creation is a threat to life, to those around good. TMMOB stressed that the structures that belong to the Peace Reconciliation should be explored and should be stopped. granted.


There are also many questions about the fallen building. One is the claim that the columns of the building were cut. Internal Affairs Minister Süleyman Soylu reported that the Anatolian Public Finance Office made a comprehensive investigation, construction, construction of the building, which he had made with the technical responsibility, as well as the previous day, Yesterday and today several materials have been removed from the building. steps have been taken to obtain the essential outcomes and their results


Soylu said: "So naturally, when all of us in such a building fell," Did they cut off their pillars? "There is a question that comes to our mind in the normal lifestyle. But that does not mean that it is cut or not. We share Clear information with the media and its public. However, in this case, all relatives who lost their relatives or who are in the hospital at the start of their relatives should know the person responsible is punished. But we are fast enough to take our steps properly and with the right information.


Most of Alemdair's family died in the disaster. Sitting on the high street of the sink house, Erdogan Alemdar, 3 sisters and his daughter had been a guest. Shortly before the event, one of her daughters left home to escape. In a boat, the image emerged when the groups arrived without the life of the father and his two daughters at the heart. The father and his two daughters were found tightly together.



Ayşe Alemdar, Yıldız Gündüzoğlu, Fatma Karaman, Mustafa Alemdar, Safiye Alemdar (mother Mustafa Alemdar), Safiye Alemdar (bean Mustafa Alemdar), Erdogan Alemdar, Saime Alemdar, Ecrin Naz Alemdar, Eslem Alemdar, Gokay Alemdar, Ahmet Sogut, Nuriye Sogut and Melih Aydin.


After the collapse of the building, the teams that have come to the place continue to work with great care. If life under each piece has been taken away carefully since the news of great health was destroyed. After 19 hours, Havva Tokgöz saved the hope of 5 years. Mert Aydın, 16, was removed from the bankruptcy after 45 hours.

Ambulance in 3 minutesHealth Minister, Fahrettin Koca, held the 6 February event, 15.59, an ambulance at 16.02 "," 112 Health Service, both UMKE, AFAD team, doctors and health workers in In this process, he showed an attempt he himself said.


Illegal buildings at the corner to move the debate Haberturk author Fatih Altay, wrote: "There are no illegal buildings in Turkey. As of 2018, an illegal description of buildings in Turkey should be disgraceful, and It's a sin, it is unfair. The buildings that you call as the ölüm fugitive "and ölüm siz are unlawful and ruthless to fall, and who are ill. means that many people have died, such as "legal Sizin." Due to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey out "Repealed Peace Act" hereby the building stopped being unlawful, it has been If the property owners, if they have made the essential requests, which appear to have been made, it is legal. And that 8-fold has dropped from those who have Ensure justice in TGNA

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