The bus driver will return a 15 year old girl?


On November 18, exchange with reporters RighteousnessPham Thanh Tam, head of the public security department of the Can Giuoc area in the Long An area, said: "The information the driver drives unfortunately has overwhelmed the unexpected 15-year-old girl. A fighting student causes the girl to die, and the original accident information was that the driver had a motorcycle runner-up. "After However, the driver's drive left the scene and went to the police to tell about the incident, "said the local police who handle the event.

The scene of the disaster

The scene of the disaster

Previously, about 7h15 minutes on 17/11, Tran Hong Tien (32 years old, Tien Giang) took a boy 15, a daughter (one age 15) from Tien Giang to Ho Chi Minh City. When it passes through the commune Ly Phune (Can Giuoc area), the 40-year-old driver is numbered 51C-646.02, running in the same direction. After the crash, Ms. There and two students down the road that was badly injured. T. schoolchildren died instead.

Now, things are explored to clarify.

Xuan Hinh

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