The business park bar in the Košice without BMW


KOSICE. Despite the fact that there is no BMW car factory in Košice; construction, it is likely that the Haniska Strategic Park will come to fruition.

The construction was built by the government in April this year.

The project to build a new business zone of over 910 hectares of land in the destruction of Košice and Haniska, Sokoľany, Valaliky, Geča and Čaňa is now an important investment for public interest from the outset.

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The state will count for billet dollar investment

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A year-long description of the BMW investment in this park has been distributed by the Germans during the summer when they indicated that they would build their new plant in Debrecen, Hungary.

Since the state has never left it after planning to build an industrial zone in this area, show that their intent was published on the environment.

The material says that the investment for strategic park implementation is estimated at more than a billion euros.

The start of construction works is for 2019, and its park could start in 2021.

Counted by & # 39; car still?

Despite the withdrawal of the plan in October 2018, a few months after BMW announced that it did not build its own business in Košice, the construction of the car factory was named in the published material.

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"The buildings of the motor vehicle investors will be built in two levels, with a production capacity of 30 vehicles per hour, or 150,000 vehicles per year, and accept the first level of the plant," said e.

It also describes the extension that may be made in the second phase to 300,000 annual cars.

There should be 3 to 4,000 workers in new plants, and about a thousand people may be employed in supply companies.

The construction of the industrial zone should be 1,300.

The public can also remember the business park project within 21 days of the publication of the plan. He appeared on the shell site on November 15.

It could be Škoda

Today, a new car factory began to identify the new business shift in the eastern part of Slobhacia.

Škoda brand, who wants to build new plants east of the Czech Republic.

According to news portal information portal news about the construction of the damage factory, Bulgaria and Turkey could also have an interest in Slovakia.

The potential of its Volkswagen Group may be to # 39; Car parking in Slovakia is a bonus for its investment.

Making a decision can be a more beneficial place

In addition, it can also capture the site's geographical location.

"If the automaker chooses for Slovakia to the east, Ukraine and Russia will be able to serve the entire European Union from the Kosice department," said Martin Jesný, a business analysis, with Reuters.

It is considered that eastern Slovakia is suitable for the new car industry, with the number of unemployed people and their local business.

"It is in this area and near the southern center of Slovakia that the areas with the highest unemployment rate are in place, so the investor can only find people also the highest possible funding, "he said.

On the other hand, it is not possible for Slock to play insecurity in the business environment, the government has a steady pressure to build the lowest wage, as well as the recent strike in Bratislava Volkswagene.

Relief can also be a hazardous risk for Volkswagen deposits.

"The investor could just say he does not want to have more activities in one country, so he could choose another place," said Jesný.

The economy refused to comment on how Czech bearers could come to Kosice. However, his speaker Maroš Stano said, however, that his ministry with Škoda does not; hold any discussions.

China needs to decide by the end of the year

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Even during Autosalon in April, in Bratislava, Zhi Dou, a Chinese electric car manufacturer, was interested in the construction of his / her. a Košice plant.

In addition to Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Hungary and Slovenia are still in existence; 400 million game.

It is anticipated that this decision will tell about the car before the end of the year.

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