The Cairo Film Festival will celebrate a contemporary Russian cinema and an honorary leader Pavel Longin


Khaled Mahmoud

Saturday 17 November 2018 – 9:12 PM
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Saturday 17 November 2018 – 9:12 PM

There are ten Russian films in the festival, which include two films with the honorary leader presenting the largest Russian film star

The Cairo International Film Festival, scheduled to take place between the 20th and the 29th of November, will be celebrated in a contemporary Russian cinema, and one of Russia's best-known directors, the best director of Cannes Film Festival, Pavel Longin.
"Putting emphasis on a Russian contemporary cinema as one of the world's most famous film businesses has taken special steps in the Soviet era," said Mohamed Hefzi, president of the Cairo Film Festival. Longin also won the festival for his film career as one of the most important film makers, not only in Russia and eastern Europe but all over the world.
Longin was born in Moscow in 1949 and studied at her universities to graduate in 1971. He initially worked as a screenwriter to win his first film, Blues Taxi, aged 40 , the Best Director of the Cannes International Film Festival in 1990 Two years later, his "Luna Bark" film was named for Palme D & Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1992.
Longin participated in the International Italian Regiment of the 18th Moscow Festival in 1993 and was chaired by the jury on the 31st session of the Moscow Film International Festival in 2009.
In 2000, the Golden Golden Palme D 'Or was nominated for his film "The Wedding" at the Cannes Film Festival. He won the black comedy "Poor Animals" at the Kinotavr Festival in Sochi in 2005. In 2006, his "An Eilean" film was chosen to be the final film of the 67th Venice International Film Festival.
The Film Festival of Cairo also features two films led by Longin in a special program entitled "A Look on Cinema New Russian Cinema", Queen of Spades in 2016, about the famous opera singer Sofia Mayer . Who would like to complete his career with a final impact. Sophia is returning to the Moscow Opera Theater, where she was a star at Chekkowski's "Queen of the Cats" This was the first success of her; her. With the hope of being better than the first version, you are going to; Start to look for an article to create a new copy of the most spectacular arts. She is trying to hear everyone, and her. including everyone, and Sofia uses every method she knows.
The leader Pavel Longin, a cinema star and a leading Russian contemporary sculpture singer presenting the show, and won over 14 international awards, including the Fulby Cup for her & # 39 ; Film Festival Venice's best actor in 2009 for her role in the Double Hour film in Italy.
The film "Tsar Tsar", who participated in the "show" section at the Cannes film festival in the sixties and two in 2009. The events were held in the sixteenth century, when Russia in the fight of the fight, where he believes that the Tsar «Ivan is extremely» connected and believes he can understand and explain the signs, and his / her. Believe that the recent test is coming close, & # 39; establish full authority, and eliminate the heart of any person who faces his way. During this time, Philippe, the head of Solovetsky Monastery, is the renowned scientist and close friend of Ivan, trying to face the fascinating reporter, and then A conversation between two times completely against the world.
The "Cinema Contemporary Russian" section provides a selection of films that are " including Alexei Fedorchenko, "The War of Anna", a new range of Russian plays, "Natalia Michanianova" "Earth's Heart" and "The Love to the House of Care" led by Alexander Khant, The film "Battle for Sevastopol" by Sergei Mukritzky, the film "Elena" by Andrei Zvagentshev; "The film" Elephants play the ball "with director Mikhail Segal;" Yuri Baikov "The film" The Pit of Clay "with the Galagoliva Festival , the last of her films to die after finishing, and Galagoliva is one of the former winners in the Golden Cairo Pyramid 2009 for her "One War."
The festival also includes a panel discussion entitled "Tradition and Innovation in the Russian Millennium: The Changing Mirror of Society", director of Pavel Longin and his actress Xenia Rapaport, and the directors of Darya Zuk and Sergey Mukritsky, Natalya Ivanova and Gomez de Se, as well as Kirill Razlogov, and filmmaker of the Moscow Film Festival. The panel will be reinforced by Laurent Danilo, Chair of Film Place.

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