The Cairo Film Festival will celebrate women and independent films


Under the title "Outputs Arabach," the festival celebrates eight Arab women who made films successful in Arab and international festivals.

The festival featured "Hala Lotfi", "The Day Out," who won the Best European Championship Award in the # 39; New Horizons Championship at the Abu Dhabi 2012 Festival and the Golden Lion Award from the Oran Film Festival.

The film "Nawara" by Mena Shalaby and led by Hala Khalil, about the love story of a poor girl working in a minister's house from President Hosni Mubarak and a young man after an event out on January 25, 2014 Film Festival 2014.

"Oujda", director of Saudi Haifa Al-Mansour (first film in Saudi Arabia), and "3000 Nights" with Palestine leader Mai Al-Masri, "Wajib", leader of Palestine, Anne -Marie Jacir, Kawthar Ben Haniya, "The Happy", director of Algerian, Sofia Gamma, and the "Sharp Machines" documentary by the director of UAE, Nujoom Al Ghanim.

However, it is ugly that some of the most attractive Arab producers have been away from the event, such as Libanus Nadine Labaki, who's his final film, Capernaum, has been featured in the official Cannes Film Festival 2018.

The festival celebrates eight Arab representations that have succeeded in Arab and international festivals (Al Jazeera)

Independent films
In addition to the female representatives, this session is to screen a series of independent films from Egypt, after years of victimization of the fantasy competitions to remove Egyptian films of traditional trade .

One of the most prominent films of "The External Night" films by Ahmed Abdulla El Sayed, who returns to the Cairo Festival after four years is missing. It is part of Karim Kassem, Bassma and Amr Abed, and is represented by Hassala, the only Arab film in the international competition of the festival.

Director Ahmed Abdullah said in the news statement that the festival is fond of because it was designed for everyone in this town, after being just inside the walls of the Opera House, this year The films play many photographers. This is a chance not only for Egyptian films, in the festival.

Ahmad Fawzi Saleh's director takes a & # 39; His first novel, "Sammoum Ward", about a novel by Ahmed Zaghloul al-Shiti, and was reconfigured and made by Mahmoud Hamida, and went around a girl leaving her brother what's look at life problems.

Actress Ahmed Magdy proposes herself as a leader for her & the first time by filming his movie No One There, which will participating in the Writers Week, and about a young man who finds himself in an empty town and his / her; meet a girl to help her get injured.

The festival was expected to give honor to French leader Claude Loulouche, but he refused to comment on a controversy case about his roles on a Palestinian case (Reuters)

Lolouche War
The fèis began on an early dispute this year, when the French administration assigned honor to Claude Loulouche, and gave him Faten Hamama, who stopped criticizing communications sites because of his statements who supports the Zionist unity.

In response, the organization of the festival revealed that he was willing to obtain evidence or documents that demonstrated his support to Israel against the Palestinian cause or rights of Arab people, which inspired artists from Egypt against respect on the publication of previous statements of the Lulouche when he was; visit Israel.

At the end, the festival set out for their honor and said in a press release "… although we value the technical level and that We recognize its value as an engineer … but we have seen that it is best to suspend the honor with an award called Faten Hamama because of its political circumstances "

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