The Calcite leaders have gone to the Slovak Cup final championship with another victory


Another female woman's team, Calcit Volley, was also astonished at the Slovenia Cup tournament, when they went into the final competition. At the race in Koper, Ankaran Hrvatini 3-2 (23, -19, -19, 21, 8), but at the first in the home hall was 3: 1 (13, -20 , 22, 24) France Obolnar, and thus recorded among the best four teams in this competition. The first stoner team will have a & # 39; Play around the seasonal game of Slovenia with Formula Formis on Saturday, December 1.

Kamnik's youngsters, played a little worse in the last game games, and left their match against Luka Koper and SIP Šempeter without having to do so; winning the series, they went in with some fright in the final seasonal game. Also, because they had problems with the illness, as Zala Špoljarič was ill, Manja Jerala was also ill, but she was sick. The first set was lost but at the end. However, they failed to stop the opening set, but returned to the game in the second set; They again showed the game from the beginning of the season when they hit the Ankarančanke twice, for their sake. the first time in the second round of the national season, which they brought to their final competition. In fourth place, Franci Obolnar coach left Manjo Jeralo from the game, long and And other actresses were fully set up, which is the most successful. In round-up, the other rock actors got the chance.

"In the first set, we did not have the biggest agreement, and we made a lot of mistakes in the service. So the next two played well, which also gave us the ratings among the four teams The best of the competition is a coup. Now it will be easier for us again, I hope the sick players can return as quickly as possible. The last two cases against Koprčank and Šempeter are unexpected, as Luka Koper has a stronger team than we would have thought, and SIP Šempeter is something better than us. It's important that they were right at the right time, " Franci Obolnar, Coach of Calcit Volley II, was satisfied with the great success of his players.

In the final results of the final competition between 21 and 23 December, Calcit Volley II will play against Novi KBM Branik, who lost SIP Šempeter at his & # 39; game back with 1: 3, and then save it only in gold series. GEN-I Volley was definitely one of the best four teams, who hit Luka Koper without losing the line, and Novogoricki must wait until December 1, when Kamnik plays a game between his & # 39; first team of Calcit Volley and Formis Formula. A & # 39; The first team of Rogozha is 3: 2.

Return from fourth quarter of Súlúc Cup

Wednesday, November 21: Ankaran Hrvatini – Calcit Volley II 3: 2 (23, -19, -19, 21, 8) – 1: 3 (-13, 20, -22, -24) *, KBM Branik New – SIP Champion 1: 3 (19, -21, -16, -21), gold series 15: 7 – 3: 0 (26, 18, 18) *, GEN-I Volley – Luka Koper 3: 0 (21, 16, 18) – 3: 0 (22, 23, 14) *, Saturday, December 1: Calcit Volley – Formula Formis (ŠD Kamnik, 19.00) – 2: 22, -23, -19, -16).

Notes: * The results of the first games, the teams in bold print, were placed on their final competition.

Miha Štamcar

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