The cameras are shot on the screen and a mini camera on the Samsung Galaxy S10


Samsung Galaxy S10 Design

When the river sounds… We are at that time of technology We all know everything about a border before it comes thanked the leaks. The most recent facts would be that the Galaxy S10 camera would be a? hitting it inside the panel, and the information that is seen today in Sammobile appears to be; prove it is inevitable.

Samsung wants to significantly reduce the frames without going into the lottery, and it seems to be the best solution; You have to scan the screen to get into the space; required for your two camera sensors. The 2019 fashion is to avoid & # 39; peat, and the Samsung opening will have the first chance that is not mechanical to & # 39; do that.

It starts to & # 39; confirms suspicion …


Samsung Galaxy S10 screen protectors seem suspicious of suspicion. At least one of the changes to a dual face camera, thrown into the screen. This would allow Samsung to reach the top of the AMOLED screen to the highest, by avoiding the frames and its; reach planning full screen, what they have been sending for a good time.

On the other hand, we find a Slashgear picture that shows the back of Samsung Galaxy S10. The same was the same as the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and there is no reader behind the trace, which we have never seen in the Galaxy S family from the S5.


This may be a textured text reader, or a renewable mode for word recognition – although there is a lack of sensory space for sensors; limited many opportunities. Be that as maybe, Samsung Galaxy S10 starts to & # 39; draws us in front of us. This is the biggest change in the Galaxy family in recent years, and one of the most ambitious gealities of South Carolina's high quality company. As usual, we need to wait at the beginning of the year to see this terminal.

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