The Capil Guinea married the family all the time …- 708551 Kaler Kantho


Kapil Sharma is married. The King Kapil comedy will be connected to Satpam with his long-loved lover, Guinea Chhatr, on December 12 this year. On 12 December they are married in Jalandhar. On the same day, the daughter of Mukesh, Isha and Ananda Pyramal will be tied on the same day. Capil-Guinea welcomed 14 December after marriage.

He also added a wedding card in social media. Earlier, in an interview with the Indian media, Kapil and Guinea said that Gini's parents had not agreed to the first marriage marriage proposal. Kapil said, when I started to work well, my mother to Guinea's family was praised for a marriage.

She said quietly, calmly silent to her father. I was in Mumbai then. There were a number of events in my life. But he did not worry me any more. At the same time, I decided that this is a suitable time for marriage.

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