"The car is not too expensive, because the name of Vietnam is"


Nguyen Anh Tuan, born in 1982, is the first person who bought VinFast for the first time in Hanoi. Design of the LUX SUV 2.0. Although this car is the tallest price for the manufacturer in Vietnam and does not have a commercial turnover, car time in September / 2019 but Tuan does not scare the car at present.

"I am delighted with the big screen of the SUV, which is just in large car manufacturers, in Vietnam now, none of the companies do that. In addition, Background image of the screen Long Ha Bay – this is a national pride, so nothing has to be careful when the money goes down.

Do not worry about buying a car accident that did not appear on their market, Tuan said that the name of Vingroup and what VinFast had done recently had been done; He really believed for customers, and he did not have to do it too. South Westerly

"Vingroup has been an adult status, VinFast has surprised the world, so I do not understand any hazards."

Tuan said he would get $ 50 million to make a contract with VinFast. The draft this user uses to choose the usual version, without any additional options.

According to the manufacturer, 50 million customers will add two SUVs and Sedan, 20 million for Thread mode. In March, customers will be added to editorial options if needed. In June, the company's employees will end with consumers about their customers; car; At this stage, you will pay 20% of the car price if the decision is to be purchased. In September, when a car company, customers will be able to; pay a surplus.

In the opening ceremony, Nguyen Viet Quang, Vingroup's Chief Executive, stated that the official price of the 1,818 billion samples was VND with LUX SA 2.0; VND 1,366 billion for LUX A 2.0 and VND 423 million for VinFast Fadil.

But, the first time, the car will sell its car with a premium price of 1,136 billion dollars; VND 800 million and VND 336 million.

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