The Casablanca trading system is starting well


The Casablanca trading system is starting well

Starting Casablanca Stock began a good start on Tuesday, led, amongst other things, with some of the titles of transport services.

At about 09:46 (GMT + 1), Masi, a combined table of total equity stocks, rose 0.11% to 11,155.64 points, and the Madex, a valid record made of securities. continuous improvement, developed by 0.12% to 9.022,19 points.

Meanwhile, the FTSE CSE Morocco won 15 0.27% to 10,014.05, and the FTSE Morocco All-Liquid rose 0.39% to 9,513.69 points.

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The signal "ESG 10 Casablanca" was environmental, Governance and Governance (ESG) almost by 877.63 points.

In security, Sodep-Marsa Morocco, the most active title in the early morning, received 2.57%, the second largest increase in the Masi. The trend against the Stroc Industry, the same value for red, fell by 8.33%.

On Monday, Masi and Madex ended on a loss of 0.03% and 0.08% respectively. In Europe, the major markets of European, excluding London, opened in a positive landscape.

CAC40 Paris and the German Dax gave 0.21% and 0.28%, and British FTSE 0.63%. The euro area index, Eurostoxx, came forward at 0.13%.

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