The case of Francisca Díaz, a young woman; Identify sexual abuse and convicted for disruption and conviction


Legal Student from the Universidad Austral de Chile convicted for three years and one day of punishment for crime of damage and inflammation against a former civil servant at the Ministry of Public, which has reported sexual abuse.

The case is & # 39; going about three years ago, when the youngsters are in February 2016 Francisca Díaz called William Fahrenkrog, a reason why the Ministry of Publicity would Confirmation, instead of misdemeanor, would be an unified affinity.

The turnover caused today to stimulate strings of emergencies and reactions from men's organizations, who are afraid of the regime that will give a bad look to women who are suffering Sexual offenses and do not want to refuse.

Francisca Certificate

The facts that Francisca Díaz have indicated are on February 12, 2016, the day he met Willy Fahrenkrog, at that time Forogante de Hualaihué, in Los Lagos Department. According to the Es Mi Fiesta website, they met through Tinder and started talks that made them meet later.

At that time Fahrenkrog said he would go to Puerto Montt to take part in a barbecue with his staff, and that he would get a job on the trip to meet her personally. In the scenes screenshots, Diaz can be seen to have been denied the first time because he gave him "the sense" that he needed "time to do". The young treasurer found that she was changing her mind, and finally finished the job the next day.

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They met after 4:30 p.m., and after making paperwork, about 8:00 p.m. they went to the middle of Puerto Montt for a drink and then went to & # 39; dancing. In the talks, we see that Fahrenkrog finds out they drink, something that they have finished in a place called Baco Bar.

After taking two sons, Fahrenkrog would recommend that they go to the third, which would be rejected by French Díaz. After the young man stood, she would have agreed. According to Díaz, at once he told her that she was "deserved to be a good man because she was very hard, handsome and handsome", and she answered with a warning that "He will not give up drills" as nothing happened.

Then she would be with him to find a hostel where he could spend the night, and on his way I wanted to take her with the luck and kiss her. Then she warned him again "unrolled over" and could only walk by hand.

When they finally found a hostel, she came with him to see the room, which was burned by the influence of alcohol. There I'd started to kiss and want to have a sexbut she would have refused. However, the young man would have been expressing it. He was at that time, according to the certification of a young woman, himself "He left the pants and their countries protected".

In his statement to the Research Policy (PDI), Díaz said that the teenager attacked her.

Turn into your case

Francisca Díaz was not tolerated in this situation for more than three months. On May 27, 2016 Puerto Montt's Garry Court rescued the final disappointment that opposed Fahrenkrogy and decided "The complaint together was the characters of bias". On June 16, at the same time, the complaint was lodged for an emergency case.

It was a really important fact in the & # 39; This decision was that the person was tried to rape, even though it was a bad sex.

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The hearings were marked by controversial statements, so the carabinera Carolina Montiel, which was, according to Es Mi Fiesta, the first one who gave the confirmation to Díaz the attack was taken. During the first day of the test she showed that the young woman was young "It was not affected, but she was still crying", but was not anxious ".

On the other hand, Willy Fahrenkrog, Andrés Firmani, even the lawyer asked if she "knows how to read them" when they talk to her; Definition of the word "penetration".

Consider the sentence

In an interview with Rayén Araya in # AquíYAhora, Prodecana in the Faculty of Legal Sciences at the Universidad Austral de Chile, Yanira Zúñiga, he said "his case is unfortunate for what he means in terms of problems of complaints on sexual offenses It is something that has been proven to be encouraged by government and international initiatives around the world. "

She emphasized that he is not just guilty of giving sentence to Francisca Díaz, but "the extent to which she is a law is graduating, he is also a" including incapacity to swear and be a lawyer, her secret control, as well as the penal thoughts, will have a special disqualification control ".

He also said that "There are more or lesser stereotypes present in critical use in a series of law laws that affect women ", and in this case, for example," Tinder use is used as a means of women in their first place of sexual relations; alcohol is only a sign, as long as it is expressed in a meeting with a recognized man through Tinder, it is indicative of genetic permissions. "

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Francisca Díaz's case has been bringing social networks with her; hashtag #FranYoTeCreo. Fernando groups like Cells Against Violence Against Women and the Co-ordinator of 8 March They have criticized the legal system for their conviction.

With the same route many different constituents have come into the campaign. Camila Vallejo (PC) says "it is not right at risk of publishing their personal and sexual life, defaming it; to sentence sentences; I can not give you a title"; and Marisela Santibáñez (PRO) states that Silein 's justice is leaving her opponent's counterparts and that the media decision is to open their case ".

Look at some of the ideas in support of Francisca Díaz below:

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