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Media News Association / NOWnews
Media News Association / NOWnews

(Wang Yangyu Reporter, Taipei, 21st) – Yao Wenzhi, a minister of a senior Democratic Party minister, tested for a face-to-face test Master Taipei China, Yao Wenzhi. Yao Wenzhi went to the north to explore today and told the weekly magazine that he was suspicious that he was prohibiting the election and other offenses. I want to convert the results of the filter by moving flowers and its # 39; come in.

Zhou Wenwang, who published today's announcement, said that "Yao Wenzhi's three-time secretary show in 2013, which is always a girl with a puppy" in 2013 . Yao Wenzhi believes that the report is not true. Today, at the lawyer, he is also a spokesman for an enterprise office, Hong Liqi, etc. Along with people, Taipei Area Divisher's Office says he is a leader of Wangwang Group, Cai Yanming, and chairman of the weekly magazine, Li Yusheng, president and leader of Li Shiwei, as it is said Does it prohibit the election of public officials and secret law. Quiz.

Yao Wenzhi, after being elected as a 2012 legislature, said that he was in the Yuan Legislation in the "anti-agency" event in 2013. Since then, Wangzhong Group has moved the phaparazzi to repair it in a terrible way; After so many years, why did you choose to use the restoring and the complete copy of the "舔" case to prepare for the election results three days before the election.

Yao Wenzhi said it was a foul complaint in the week's statement. This is a & # 39; Often I often suffered from bullying in the long run. After reading this report in the morning, my wife was smile. "This is the Chinese media most often." Participating in Taiwan's elections, I want to undermine the clear evidence. "(Editor: Wu Jiaying) 1071121

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