The Catholic Church argued with the pocket: a contribution of 1% has contributed to the legacy of declining National


An Catholic Church Happening longer than a complicated time, there has been an impact on dynamics of sexual abuse found within the station on the economic area.

In that line, according to the latest ones 200 year survey named by El Mercurio, trust in the divinity of the church with the loyalists and the wider citizens has declined.

The official economic figures of this year do not know but in 2019, which despite this, the final balance of Bishop Santiago showing that changes have been made to the church station's funding, and # 39; detailing the same methods.

If in 2016 an archdiocese collected a capital of 1% per month from his faithfulness, $ 3,411 million in total, that figure fell so far $ 3,322 in 2017. At the same time, the money raised through private grants from representing 41% was just 11% in those years, according to its # 39; newspaper.

In fact, in the same time the income through property rent he was from 26% to 30% of the total.

With everything, from 2016 to 2017, a Diocesan of Santiago received a blue number, raising $ 10337 million to $ 11,074, with over 44,000 people who continue to increase, income through estate rents and private donations among others.

"There are independent data: there is belief and trust in the ecclesiastical church in splitting. But, on the other hand, if you go to the poorest and most simple parishes, Sunday's collapse, "he said to the paper in the morning. Jorge Muñoz, vicar of the Family Caritas Social.

On the 1% website of the Catholic Church it is indicated that "It is the duty of all Catholics" add to the percentage of their salary, and # 39; Ensure that they do not provide support from charities.

"No one who puts 1%, carefully, through non-confidentiality or forgetfulness, is free from moral offense or sin, because fail to fulfill a command express of the Church, "reading the website.

The bishops have a 1% of the total collection that's just going to their; Vatican, in an item called "Political Payment". The church also specifies that the money raised has been made; allowed the maintenance of Christian buildings as well as pastoral activities, and 2% of the total will be to the Church Court.

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