The Catholic Church of Ethiopia is new to a new bishop in PE


The Ethiopian Reformed Catholic Catholic Church in South Africa has ordained the new bishop, Makomela Simon Mokoena, at the All Saints Church in Motherwell.

Mokoena, 56, who was a priest of the Anglican Free Church of England, monitored the Limpopo, Gauteng and Northwest areas for the Aetiopia Reformed Catholic Church.

Bishop Banele Chris Mente, who is the first Roman Catholic church, is ordered by the ancient Catholic in the country and is the bishop of the church, who was the chief dedication officer at the service in Port Elizabeth on Saturday.

He was assisted by the Bishop Emeritus Fezile Koliti and the American Archbishop of Dr Michael Callahan.

Mokoena said he was happy to continue with the Roman Catholic historical heritage.

"The ancient history of the Catholic Church is the foundation of our church," said Mokoena.

"I am extremely pleased with the responsibility given by the Archbishop of Mente and I look forward to putting these structures into my diocese," he said .

Registrar's registrar Livingstone Matiwane said that at the beginning of the dedication of Mokoena was a continuous move to an epochal change attack.

"This dedication represents a critical standard of instrumental reinforcement in this church.

"It is the extension of the Reformed Catholic Church in South Africa in South Africa to a new area, St. Augustine of the Bishop's Hippo, who has jurisdiction over three divisions .

"It is a milestones that were completed within four months of the inauguration of the presiding bishop in October 2018.

"Continuing the agreement between this church and its Ethiopian army from the Intsikelelo yomzi is Tiyopiya under the Bishop of Fezile Koliti, almost a month ago.

"In particular, this dedication is a major breakthrough for the entire illness that creates seats within the Ethiopia church, a problem that started in 1906 within the Iandala Lama Tiyopiya [a South African Ethiopian Catholic Church], "Matiwane said.

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