The cauldron for the aristocracy was expected to cover wars with bribes


Talabani then headed for a Brno branch of the former Organized Crime Detective Division in 2015 and 2016.

He initially sent out several dangerous messages to get into traffic kits, and then he and his companion Basza exchanged various statements of the best detective; Auditor General for Defense (GIBS) inquiry on Ohnout several times. Talabani and Ohnoutka met face to face on Wednesday afternoon at Brno Town Court.

Then Talabani was responsible for dangerous charges and dangerous dangers. Talabani, under the law, also called for conviction in the case of negative refusals and information from police files, in front of his judge David Otevřel, the detective. T He gave him ten thousand crowns for irreparable damage.

Money provides a foundation

Ohnoutka wants to donate the proceeds to the Police and Fire Officers. In his testimony before the court, Ohnoutka was providing a haunting image of how the world felt police in Brno.

He thought Talabani was trying to get rid of him because he did not want to suffer these structures after he had been associated with the Brno branch. “He also wrote to the Minister of the inside and to the president of the police, saying I should be a victim of crime and should not be managing the branch anymore. This even took the lead from Brno between police officers and my sub-officers, ”said Ohnoutka about the difficult situation he had come across four years ago.

“In my opinion, some people from law enforcement agencies worked in Brno on a moderately defensive system of protection. It could be an economic crime. Some people have been guilty of crime and have been protected by police to prevent this action being seen. In 2014, when I came to the branch, I went in and I started to make sure there weren't any unreliable police officers serving any more. I started breaking into the running system, ”explained Ohnoutka.

The cage fell again

Depute headteacher NCOZ said the Brno branch had been left out of the events. T “When more things were done, it was banned because some people suspected there were unusual links. Information was drawn from legal circles, criminal environment and lawyers. We should work on issues where billions and life are responsible. And I told some people I didn't want to work with them, "said Bend."

Ohnoutka also confirmed that two years ago had stumbled into an incident in which two dozen people including former police policemen were involved in the enforcement of the law. The protesters included Talabani.

“The police got money to sell information. Unfortunately, GIBS have taken on this crime, and tried to make criminals on my own, using fictional notices, "Ohnoutka added."

Later, the court imposed a penalty on Talabani with a two-year prison sentence, suspended for two years. Just a few hours after birth, Thursday morning, Ohnoutko people had gone to Talabani to suspect he was involved in influencing public procurement at Broney Town Hall.

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