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The CEC allowed the decree to be transferred to Guinea on condition that 139 applicants refused

Russian CEC acknowledged that it was possible to bring an empty mandate out of the death of Academic Zhores Alferov to Deputy Duma, Pavel Grudinin, as long as the 139 previous subscribers were present. list of Russian Federation of Communist candidates' list denies the proposed command. This was announced by the RBC member of the CEC of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Shevchenko.

“The CEC now operates independently within its powers, according to the law. In line with the procedure for allocating orders, until the queue comes up with a recommendation to move the empty mandate to Grudinin, it is essential that all applicants are in regional groups that, t In line with the procedure for allocating requirements, higher to obtain an empty mandate for which Pavel Nikolaevich Grudinin has to refuse. And they are 139 people. But I want to emphasize that Grudinin is unlikely to be given a condition as a state Duma because it opposed the law, with 6 foreign accounts and the town of Belize at sea. T when it was registered in the communist party's federal list of the Russian Federation, ”he said.

The CEC promised the manger of Zaks Krasnoyarsk that he wasn't bequeathed to Grudinin.

On Thursday, the leader of the Krasnoyarsk branch of the Pyotr Medvedev Communist Party decided to refuse a decree of state interest, which the Commission brought a medium election. He explained that he refused to refuse the mandate by disagreement with the Local Electoral Authority's decision, which refused to mandate the deputy to move to Pavel Grudinin.

Earlier, the Communist Party decided to nominate the recent Nobel Prize winner Zhores Alferov to his former president, Grudinin. With the appropriate conclusion, the party made an appeal to the CIS. However, the members of the Central Electoral Commission decided that the Communist Party had lost the Russian Federation the deadline set by the law and that it lost the right to decide who should make the decree. T passing. The party was able to challenge the CEC's decision in the High Court (SC), but the court refused to consider the Communist application, stating that the district court should consider a complaint by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

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