The center for the EU elections is a fight against the Swedish Democrats


The government case is not settled after the parliamentary elections in September, but the parties have already taken the next election. In May, voters can vote on the members of the 21 Slate chairs in the European Parliament.

Fredrick Federley started in 2014 and includes a list of candidates who the Center has. given on Tuesday. He promises that the Center will be a counterpart for the Swedish Democrats in EU elections.

"It's a valuation option that's just like the biggest parliamentary elections. It's about nationalism, sustainability, people who face people or whether we will continue to go to it. Protecting European values ​​of openness, democracy and the free media, "said Fredrick Federley.

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Accordingly, the European Parliament's voluntary organizations are more exposed than for a long time, both through the ALDE umbrella group and an alliance with French president Emanuel Macron, A Marche's move. The center is like a natural part of this middle block, according to Federley. It sets out the location of the Center, not only against the national nations, but also to the major major agencies at the Center. Parliament, Democratic Socialist S & D and Conservative EPP, including Moderate Slovenian.

These are comments statements which has a direct impact on its complex game that is & # 39; going ahead in Sweden about the government.
The spokesperson's intention was given to Stefan Löfven (S) to try to create the government and the result depends on the position of the Center. Earlier, C has refused to support Ulf Kristersson (M) with the argument that it would impact SD.

Not only is the EU's parliamentary Fredrick Federley but is also included in the party's opposition as vice chairman. However, he answers questions about the choice of the Center's government in government affairs.

– There are internal processes in which we talk about it. It's moving forward. We'll be back when there is a message, "said Fredrick Federley.

The venue will be go to elections with an ambitious view of the EU, which is very different to what it feels like. party after European cooperation.

"We want to make the EU better. It has also changed considerably among our electorate, we see in our opinion polls that there is full support for the European community . But it is also about the understanding that climate and energy can be solved together, "said Fredrick Federely.

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