The Cervical Cancer Authority is to believe it & # 39; live gloriously & # 39;


There is a sentence – written by the American member of Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) – not "in a certain life but death and taxes".

This is something that Teri Choong has a cervical cancer survival; believe strongly.

The 49-year-old said: "So you can not run away from tax pay, but when it dies, I can choose how to die.

"We can not escape from death, but we can control the way we live, whether we live in poor or live in glory."

Say that it is completely a & # 39; Choosing the last ones, Choong wants laughter: "Even though you know you're going to die, choose a fight to the border – what do you need to lose at least? ? "

Unexpected test

Currently based in Singapore as the corporate business director of a multi-national company, the Selangor's country is very committed to raising awareness of crude cancer and prevention.

The most important threat to cervical cancer is the human papillomavirus that is broadcast to sex (HPV).

There are two ways to prevent this disease: a & # 39; Use a safe species by using a condom and a & # 39; HPV vaccine.

Women who are active in sex are also encouraged to; get an annual trophy, which means you can get allergic and cancerous cells on her; cervical.

When Choong was confirmed in November 2005, she was 35 and she was already married for more than ten years.

She says she had been going to smear Pap since she was active to sex at 20; However, the exams did not reveal anything unusual.

This was despite her having been in & # 39; Getting an unusual time starting from the end of the 20th.

She would know how to see, who's a? Raining light from the peanut between times, and lasts about 23 days (it's about three to five days last).

"Every time I went to the doctor, they would say it was a hormonal, and I think I'm old, they did not Look beyond that.

"So they would give me antibiotics and something to control the blood," she shares.

After taking the medications, it would be normalized, but after six months or so, the problem returned.

This went on for about five years, until one day when she started to irritate grief just before she and her husband went for a skip-trip trip.

This time, she saw a new doctor in a different hospital.

After hearing his history, the doctor asked the biopsy to make his cervix.

"So I said," Sure, why? ", Not to think that he would look for cancer cells – he did not even tell me, he said," I want to take samples "," a & # 39; Coong remembers.

Three days later, she called for her to come in with her husband for the results.

Despite being & # 39; thinking that there was nothing, a couple went to see the doctor and he had the news that she had stage IIb cervical cancer.

"I put my eyes a little while. My mind was vacant for a while, I'm not sure how long – the doctor was talking, but in addition to my husband and I did not know what a & # 39; going on.

"After a while, I put it out of it and asked me the first question, & # 39; What can we do? & # 39;" She works.

Change is available

The reason is why the newspapers did not find their cancer earlier than it was because the tumor was in a position; grow behind the place where the cervical cell collection is.

Choong was lucky she had signs to let her new doctor know she could do something.

Crustaceous cancer does not cause any symptoms so that the disease is at an advanced stage.

The cure proposed in her case – since she had four daughters already and did not expect her to have other children – there was hysterectomy, a surgery to remove her uterus and her throat.

Although Choong was very sure she wanted to do the surgery, she chose to get second and third.

This included being & # 39; adds to biopsy samples to the University of John Hopkins University in the United States through an Asian Assistance program, which offers local and international medical support, among others.

For her third opinion, she was sent to the consultant who was now retiring and Prof Wong Sum Keong.

She also decided that she would do her laboratory, which was set for the following month on December 23.

Choong said: "The most interesting thing everyone was saying to me was not to do the surgery.

"And, indeed, ask people, why did you just pick up before Christmas?

"So my answer was to them, because I want to stay long enough to see the next Christmas and many Christmasses thereafter, so (the date) is not important."

At that time, she was already working voluntarily with Pantai Kuala Lumpur Hospital to help her most adventurous breast cancer.

So, after diagnosing and cure, he did not go long; to be involved in Assunta Hospital in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, for the brake and cervical cancer education initiative.

Indeed, she gave her own experience with cancer and another cancer patient, encouraged her to give a healthcare model a model on the right side side procedures for cancer patients.

"It's not about my cancer or what I did, but I think people should find out what they need to know before they happen even.

"It means, it does not happen, do not accept it so that it is easy for you; just because you're young, it does not mean that you will not go to it & Suffering, "she said.

In particular for crystal cancer, she says that there is a clear step, as well as using condoms during the sex.

"Back then, there was not such a thing with a HPV vaccine.

"But if it's available now, why do not people really get it?" She wants, saying her four daughters have been vaccinated.

Choong has a sense that HPV does not have a & # 39; affecting women, but also men, who gets generous cartels and their rare cause of penal or anal cancer from disease.

There are currently two vaccines available: one that protects against four types of HPV and the other, nine types.

These vaccines are agreed for men and women, and it is recommended that they be taken before they would be submitted for a & # 39; first time.

At the same time, using a safe species is not just a & # 39; helps to prevent HPV and other diseases that are exposed to sex, but also help to prevent fertility for family planning purposes.

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