The Chairman who was a member of MHB intended to convert the assessor


On November 19, the Ho Chi Minh People Court opened the Huynh Nam Dung (which was the Chairman of the Mekong Housing Bank) and 15 offenders him. Determining a long-standing power situation & # 39; he is on duty, The Lack of responsibility which adversely affects. Defendants that were abolished under Section 3 of Article 281 of the Criminal Code 1999, a 10-15 year sentence sentence.

In this case, the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) is designated as a civil advocate.

Former Chairman MHB Huynh Nam Dung. Photograph: Ngoc Lan.

Former Chairman MHB Huynh Nam Dung. Photograph: Ngoc Lan.

In the procedure, the defendants requested the lawyers on their behalf; court to cite a researcher or assessor. Mr Huynh Nam Dung said that those people need to appear in the court to face them.

In addition, the Law lawyer asked to review the results of her; because it was a basic document to complain the defendant. Inspectors eliminate them causing more than 300 billion in incorrect damages.

Responding to & # 39; In this case, the Panel stated that many of the Dung's requests were not the defendant, the assessor, the assessor. This is a valid recommendation, the court has just called for some reason that does not; they came, they will continue to go to them; invite.

On the application for damage assessment, the Panel does not necessarily require it and will do so; court clarified in the process of trial and law.

According to their prejudice, from 2011 to 2014, Mr Huynh Nam Dung and Mr Nguyen Phuoc Hoa (who was the General Director of MHB) had agreed a meeting of the Funds and Duties Management Committee. MHB moved to VND 5,000 billion for the MHB Securities Partial Stock Company – MHBS to co-invest in government bonds.

This is actually MHBS to invest time deposits at MHB branches and sell their own MHB government bonds. MHBS was using VND3,357 billion in thermal deposits at branches in the MHB system with an interest rate of more than VND45 billion.

MHB directors used to store 1,558 trillion dance in bands, and & # 39; Using 966 billion signatures for buying and selling. government banks sold themselves through the MHB through inter-groups. This action damaged MHB by almost 350 billion.

Huynh Nam Dung, Nguyen Phuoc Hoa, Lu Thi Thanh Binh (General Director of the MHB Securities Associated Stock Company) are the main responsibility. This Act, Mr Dung received 460 million dong, and the other initiatives benefited from 151 million dong to 930 million dong.

Prior to trial, Huynh Nam Dung submitted a petition to the Judge Committee of the National Assembly; Main Attorney General, Scottish Landlord Court and judicial groups in Ho Chi Minh City. In particular, the garden reinforced that there was no reason for self-interest or personal purpose. The conviction that he needs to translate in & # 39; Asset change management to MHBS is lower than the evidence collected in the case.

The test will be held until November 21.

Lan Ngoc

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