The chief clan of the International Land Court says that the spending is spread among cattle in the # 39; agricultural communication "Wadi al-Darb" in Kasserine


Dr. confirmed Kamal Qadisa, a pharmacist, principal assessor and advisor to the Land International Bureau, who has today visited the representative of its representative group. boat

Al-Falahi "Wadi al-Darb" in the Kasserine division, the recent recruits in one of the privately released television channels of Wadi Al-Darb farm formation in Kasrin

There is no foundation in health and the study of the health study of the cattle herd in a variety of carriages and agricultural land as a result of the International Land Bureau, which is carried out daily and from time Guam

With a technical team with tires, engineers, money and medical doctors.

In media reporting, Qadisa said that the herd of cattle was in the form of anything weird with the agricultural vehicles,

The international veterinarian will visit her & # 39; immediately to investigate the issues that are suspected and verifying that the disease is present or not and takes the necessary actions over time, he said.

On its part, Asma al-Azghbi, General Administration Training Training Officer Training Services and national co-ordinator of health program for herd of cattle cattle

A cow and a short ban, he would have a cow with her; "Wadi Al Darb" farm fuel, which was recently hosted by the urban nursery in Kasserine city, a good looking cow

Transfer them to their home market to explore and visit it. caught and killed and killed; destroys the health procedures involved, and stresses that this is not a problem; means that all cattle are converted

An accident and that finding a sick person is sick; come within the framework of a national program for revitalization and cure healing; spend, and in a current and current work framework

For the interests of a local lawyer, she said.

In a related context, Al-Azghbi discovered that cattle have been found throughout the Tunisia country and has been operational since 1904 and began to work in Tunisia

Since 1986, and in 2018 the national program for the health regeneration began to waste and expose cattle and disable cattle. leading to 2022

The state has given around 2 million dinars in 2018 to disqualify farmers and educators after losing their cattle due to their consumption,

Healthy prevention prevents health from a & # 39; cattle to find agricultural fields well so that the disease can not be pulled to Rest of the catches and kills in the cottages

Control associated with official documents and compensation of farmers.

On its part, the head of the Regional Development Department of the Agricultural Development Department of Kasserine Reza Qasimi told Watt that all herds should livestock

The farmer "Wadi Al Darb" in Kasserine at the International Land Court is good and does not complain about any disease, saying that a national committee has been done by senior administration doctors

The Land Department, General Administration of Training Services and Animal Production Department in Kasserine have been converting to the site and its location. safety of herdsmen.

In the same context, al-Qasimi also gave a debate on what has been debated recently in one of the private television channels about the distribution of all agricultural farms belonging to the farmer

"Wadi al-Darb", confirming that this farm, which the stocks have; body and country of Tunisia as a whole animal, under official control of 2014 and

Any suspicious care will be taken into account, and the necessary tests will be carried out and transferred to a urban nursery for further investigation and to ensure that they carry out the disease and their disease; removing steps that are currently

And the milk and the meat that that farm is made are costed, according to the statement.

It is worth saying that the tires, staff and money at the "Wadi Al Darb" agricultural boat in the Kasserine town are nowadays; protest against their place of work with the main union of the representatives

With support from the Labor Regional Union in the state, when they built a slogan and responding to the recent news about the spread of consumption with the herd of cattle of the agricultural "Wadi Al Darb"

These facts are being considered as a single business campaign that aims to have a & # 39; focusing on the public sector and the boat, which is a living base for hundreds of seasonal seasons,

In changing prices and enhancing the ability of vulnerable groups.

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