The chief health officer aims to get information about measles


The public health agency's latest vaccination report says that exposure to measles is near zero as a result of measles vaccination. Shutterstock Photo

OTTAWA – The nation's chief public health officer is asking his colleagues to answer questions from parents worried about having their children vaccinated to get rid of measles.

Dr Theresa Tam says that some parents have been scared of stopping measles than their own knee, citing a suspicion of suspected donation “wrong information,” t or worse, totally misleading ”online.

Commenting on Tuesday, Tam says health care providers on the lines must be struggling to find the truth between fiction and parents being helped by getting rid of fiction from parents.

So far, 17 cases of measles have been identified in Metro Vancouver and have been linked to French schools in a situation that started three weeks ago.

Joining the tour is a motive against immunization with ones called anti-vaxxers, which argue that the vaccine, panic and rubella or the MMR bone cause autism even # 39; s against science that applied.

Last week, Canadian Health warned about “false claims” about homeopathic treatments, called a prescription, as an alternative to vaccination.

Tam says that she intends to work with partners and stakeholders to deal with information about immunization, contributing to children's health is a shared priority.

“How we talk to parents with questions about vaccination can have a direct impact on developing their confidence and supporting them to get the vaccine,” Tam said in her statement.

“I encourage my health care providers to take the time to answer anxious parents' questions, and then encourage parents and guardians to ask questions and view reliable sources of information. trustworthy.

The public health agency's latest vaccination report says that exposure to measles is near zero as a result of measles vaccination.

From 2015, the latest available figures, the health group says that 89 per cent of Canadian children are getting the recommended measure of trousers vaccine before the age of two, and 86 per cent of the population are receiving the recommended measure. At the age of seven, he was persuaded to suggest.

However, the report warned that the movement resulting from people bringing the disease into the country continued, indicating the need to “remain silent until measles spread out in the countryside”. T world rank. ”

Measles is one of the most infectious diseases and can spread to four days before four days after the pregnancy. The most common illness is spread before people even know they are ill.

There is no treatment for measles, but most people recover completely within two or three weeks.

For children, the effects of the disease could be worse. Tam, the report, discusses parents who have experienced difficulties in the past weeks in previous weeks, some of the permanent disabilities faced by some children and, in some cases, the difficulties they have encountered. cases of death, death.

“It is worrying to see a disease that can be vaccinated, especially those who are severe and severely disappointed as measles, returning in Canada and Canada. all around the world. From my point of view, there is even one child who is dying of abnormal measles, ”Tam says he is an expert in pediatric infectious disease.

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