The Chief of the Field was arrested after a conflict with supporters from the Governor of Omar Prieto


Hold the commissioner Pedro Espinosa, head of the National Bolivarian National Policy (FAB) of the Zulia Axis After an attack made by spreads and firearms during the Sabbath night near the home of Yonder Durán Centeno, son of Jorge Durán Centeno, was caused by searching and arresting. Commenting on the three armies of the body of Governor Omar Prieto.

First, he found out that the warrant was arrested when the Attorney General's Attorney, Tarek William Saab, who gave instructions to the Attorney General of the State Zulia, Fernando Silva, in a campaign in which Prieto was present, and Major General Fabio Zavarse Pavón, Redi-Occidente Head, M / Y Zavarce Pavón.

The final draft unmanaged guidance on a PND FAES commission ordered by Espinoza commissioner was broken down, throwing explosives and its & # 39; fire-burning fire at the residence of the Venezuelan ambassador's son in Panama. However, it is not clear that this was related to its operation.

The summary The Field's Police offers data that is a. Observers linked by Government Governor Omar Prieto to shoot on Sunday afternoon by Esnander Espinoza, the official officer of the PNB.

According to the report, an anonymous call sent to the Face officers to the presence of those who were responsible for burning and when they reached the place, his commission would have been in & # 39; Find out that Ford Fussión is blue, without pests, but with a test from the Zulia Police.

There were months of emotion and so used by the officers Physical research to Samuel Antonio Fábregas, Alejandro Martínez and Víctor Manuel Rubio Peñaloza, which caught the Sig Sauer pistol, lines: B256059 with 14 armor, bracket; single MP5 HK, lines: C63680; magazine with 29 weapons; as well as the radios and police cans.

I do not know if Espinoza has erroneously in his or her work or error; suffered political support. It is handled over at the Commando 111 headquarters of the GNB.

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