The child living with his heart


It is interesting that Joshua McGivern breaks his heart with all of his great ideas.

Queensland's adorable nine-month boy is just half the center of his little coffin.

The zipper clips are the only thing that it has been & # 39; extracts the heart of hypoplastic suspension suspension, where the orgagger's left is not grown. Every beat is amazing.

There is no cure for HLHS, but doctors will try to expand their life with palliation surgery.

This includes three walks of open heart surgery – Joshua has been in attendance; fought strongly through two.

Joshua in intense care

Joshua in intense care

Joshua 's thoughts are crystal melting. Photograph: Adam Head

Joshua 's thoughts are crystal melting. Photograph: Adam Head

Typically, there are two sides of the heart, with a meeting room and a pump room. The right side of its & # 39; Collect blood low oxygen that returns from the body and this blood will be pumped into the lungs to collect oxygen. The left of her & # 39; Gathering high blood of oxygen to return to the heart from the lungs and pump it into the body. The works are designed to reconstruct the heart's plumbing.

HLHS is one of the most rare types of rare heart disease that is the main cause of death in infants in Australia.

"The biggest test is the confirmation, and it is difficult for the mind to not believe that any day that his heart will give up," said Elaine McGivern's mother An Post CourierSouth Westerly

"I want to work through this and I learn to enjoy every day. Joshua is a joy.

"The third part and his final finish when he turned four.

"It is hoped that medical science will be able to cure and Low will live long enough to benefit from making any progress.

Joshua's latest heart

Joshua's latest heart

"I've been reading about the issues of people who are living long after the surgeon."

Joshua spent the first 19 weeks of his life; fighting at Queensland Children's Hospital.

"Heartkids, who are a government-funded charity that aim to improve the life and income of those affected by heart disease, have received a lot of support in the hospital," said Ms McGivern .

"We would have been missing out of it."

There are eight children born in Australia each day with heart conditions.

"I can never give a fight for Joshua, and money for research is essential," said Ms McGivern.

"I'll run Gold Gold Marathon with three close friends to raise money for Heartkids."

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