The Chinese Insurance Administration Commission launched its first ticket for the Year & New. Yongan Ownership "two sins" was paid at 590,000 Daily Economic News


On January 4, the official Chinese Banking Administration Commission website provided information on the penalty for the first time after the opening of the year. Yongan Property Insurance refused or hindered the investigation and investigation of the "two sins" in the preparation or preparation of wrong reports, statements, documents and materials. Total penalties are 590,000 yuan. Although the two parties were to defend the fighting, it was finally rejected.

The news shows that the situation in Yongan Property Insurance is the situation to prepare or write; Provide reports, statements, documents and misleading materials. Having investigated, from January to September 2017, the Yongan insurance company, regional companies and all home level machines that make an insurance-industry business cause car rental insurance, car damage insurance, three insurance commercial liability and three commercial debt insurance. There were 148 detailed accounts of 14 financial indicators, such as "original insurance income" and "compensation costs", based on statistics on regulatory requirements, and the rules for setting up entry rules were inappropriate, and # 39 ; information on the Iongan Property Insurance report to the Banking Insurance Management Commission. The data is incomplete and does the fact that a false report has been prepared.

In response to such circumstances, Gu Yong, former president of Yongan Property Insurance and the chief financial officer, and Shangguan Zongke, executive general manager of Yongan Property Insurance Insurance Department, are all ahead of their defense ideas. Among them, Gu Yong believes that the use of statistical methods statistics is the only way that Yongan Property Insurance can take. At the same time, both Gu Yong and Shangguan Zongke believe that the Yongan Building Status Induction Regulations are in 2011. There is no complete purpose and the demand is free from punishment. However, the Chinese Assurance Administration Commission believes that the proportional approach to statistics is not the only way to meet the regulatory and statistical work requirements by; developing the financial information system.

Following the review, the Chinese Assurance Administration Commission stated that Yongan Property Insurance was not fully accounted for of the relevant financial details, and as a result, there was unparalleled information about the relevant financial indicators be submitted to the governing authorities, and the facts about breach have been clearly identified. Secondly, the use of the constituent approach to statistics is not the same way, and the financial information system can be renewed and updated to meet regulatory statistics requirements. The third is to accept the financial system of the Yongan Property Insurance Auto Insurance Company, which does not show compliance with a # 39; Provide data statistical information afterwards. Fourth, Yongan Property's financial duties department is clear. From January to September 2017, Gu Yong and Shangguan Zongke, as head of company statistics and statistical links, did not carry out their duties to find and correct a complicated data problem. Fifth, the strategic objectives of the parties have not been considered according to their will. Therefore, the arguments of the parties are not based and do not accept their arguments.

In terms of legal and managerial barriers, following a review by the Banking Regulation Commission, on the afternoon of December 4, 2017, the inspection team learned that Yongan Property Insurance would have a " holding an amazing meeting of the board at the same time as the verification verification verification of the site (which is described as proof proof) to delete the position of President Jiang Ming. On the afternoon of December 5, the inspection team interviewed the Chairman of Tao Guangqiang and asked to eradicate his amazing meeting; board of directors. On the morning of 6 December, a proven meeting was held in conjunction with a temporary meeting; board of directors. The chairman and president of Yongan's possession Insurance were not present from the meeting, which had an impact on the standardization of the survey.

The Bank of Seine Insurance Management Commission sent a total fine of 590,000 yuan on both breaks up on Yongan Property Insurance. Among them, due to the preparation or preparation of incorrect reports, statements, documents, and information, a fine company of 200,000 yuan was sentenced to Yongan Property Insurance, a warning to Gu Yong and a fine of 20,000 yuan, and warned and sent They fine 20,000 yuan for Shangguan Zongke; Rejecting or sending. prohibiting lawsuit management and investigation, a fine of 300,000 yuan for Yongan Property Insurance, a warning to Tao Guangqiang and a fine of 50,000 yuan.

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