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Original title: Chinese fan member Zhu Ting participating in the 2018 World Cup Cup, what happened to her defense trip?

If you want to evaluate the Zhu Ting game in this World Cup, I am think it is more pronounced by normal play. As Wakif Bank's strength is quite strong enough, and Zhu Ting does not work so hard to carry the shoulder. Therefore, Wakif Bank can easily be protected.

Zhu Ting received 98 points in 5 games, with the last 36 points and 21 points, 21 pounds. Not only did the World Cup World Cup win for the third time, but the winner also won the seventh crown of Wakif Bank. It is difficult that a team of women's ballot Isabashiqi in the recent Super Cup has lost, or Zhu Ting can complete the Grand Slam at a level; club.

Back to the World Cup, the Wakif Bank due to Zhu Ting, this World Cup is just as big as it's. The top team of the eight teams, even more than a balloon member of Zhejiang women, liked.

Many fans should feel that Zhu Ting is not so tired of the national team at Wakif Bank. Compared to the Chinese women's electoral team, Zhu Ting is a attacking the majority. The Wagner Bank attack point is more dispersed. The second young pass, Ozbayi, gets more and more; grow. After watching a few games, she found out that she got the ball on the right.

Look online Wakif Bank. On a main line, Zhu Ting, Robinson, Vice-Rasic, and Slotyes, Karakult. In particular Karakul is a very good tombboy, his offensive on the right is open, so Zhu Ting's guilty weight is much smaller.

Over these five games, I found Zhu Ting more and more comprehensive. When the opponents attacked their opponent, it will adequately support the gap and will protect the back. At the very important time, when she needs to stand up, she can stand up in time.

Such a player, everyone who does not enjoy the coach told her? And there is a picture that lives in my opinion for a long time. After Wakif Bank went to winning the whole team, his car returned to the hotel. Many players had a marked in the car. Zhu Ting was in the back row and his; click on the phone.

She looks like she is in the past, and what she has to do to win the next tournament. The irritation is not horrible, if it is uncertain, this is a real picture of Zhu Ting's life.

Due to this vision in life, Zhu Ting can always take us astonishing after that. She said she was the first person in the three main aims in China, no one should oppose.Return to Sohu and see more

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