The Chinese writer has been punished for ten years


The Chinese writer for ten years imprisoned for writing and selling a novel describing homosexuality.

The writer, named Liu, was arrested last month in Anhui's department for making and selling "uncertain material". Her novel is explained "homosexual behavior … including sexual oriental activities such as violence and abuse".

She was convicted of long-term prisons and promoted initiatives in Chinese social media. Liou, an earlier-known internet than Tchien I, has appealed to Beijing News newspaper against her penalty. Phonographers are illegal in China, remember to & # 39; The BBC has been convicted of the writer on October 31 for his / her production and presentation; selling "uncertain material" for profit. However, the details of the audio show in the Chinese media this week.

The police took care of their novel after they loved the internet. That Global Times said Liou apparently sold 7,000 copies The latest novel in addition to other funny novels and earning 18,900 euros.

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