The Chipotle manager began to recite his claim to pay customers before they ordered


ST. PAUL, Minnesota –

The Chipotle restaurant is checked after one of their managers are registered asking customers to pay before they were given.

The video was posted to Twitter on Thursday with a named user Masud Ali, who set out "can a group of well-established African Americans get a bite after a long- time? "

In video, St. Paul's restaurant manager tells hungry customers "you're getting paid because you never have money when you come in here . "

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After a lot of sight and after applying for the popular restaurant, Chipotle responded to the video saying "What's happening here is not how our staff should deal with our customers. -ceannach. " They also added that the arrested manager had completed a camera and the staff have re-trained to prevent this event to be repeated.

After that response, on Saturday, Chipotle told him that the manager on Thursday's dispute was mistaken for another group of gentlemen who were unable to pay for their food during the week.

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News Evidence News came out to Chipotle for more information regarding the incident and received the following statement:

We are committed to dealing with all our customers fairly and with respect. Regarding what happened at St. Paul's Restaurant, the manager thought that these nobles were only customers of God Morning who were unable to pay their food. However, this is not how we deal with our customers and as a result, the manager has come to an end and the restaurant is re-trained to make sure something like this does not happen again.

Following the viral tweet, Twitter users started to write old tweets that are & # 39; believed to be from Ali's account that shows himself and his friends eating at unpaid restaurants in the past. Chipotle tells of the Eyewitness News that he is aware of the tweets and continues to; explore the situation.

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