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Korean Yu
▲ Korea Korea Yu published a film called "Confessions" on the 20th, which criticized the DPP for election methods. (Drawings / versions of the Korea Yoga enterprise team Youtube, 2018.11.20)

Kuomintang Kaohsiung, South Korea, a petitioner from Zheng Hongyi, from "Taiwan's election". Others, called Zhang Yaqin, through the LINE group, Facebook and other social network sites, told them a bad news. Yu Korea South allowed her a lot of dissatisfaction. I will go to Taipei Area Audit Office at an afternoons (20) to announce the bell. However, after six minutes of getting involved with the heavens, Yu Korea decided to go to # 39; Adhere to the appeal "love and suffering", not to Zheng Hongyi. In the evening, Korean Korean Facebook downloaded a movie, which criticized the DPP's routine selection methods as a smear, and disturbed "this is a political party without any interest" and "urging Taiwan's love for him."

In this movie titled "Confessions", Yu Korea said he saw the democratic democratic development of Taiwan in the last two or three decades, and found something awkward that he did; urging people to have an interesting but sad feeling.

Korea, Yu, said that the election process, as long as s the wild election, which follows Austria 's degree by going to & # 39; climbing, choosing a Kaohsiung City election, for example, as a failure event Hsieh Chang-ting and Wu Dunyi, and Huang Junying's work. In the last 20 years, the DPP has blasphemed her lover with her / her play.

Korea, Yu, said he has been chosen as a Kaohsiung master, the ad that he is now spending near the sky. "From the groceries, herbs, herbs, herds, fools, what rent they are on the land of the country, etc., he did not stop it at all." Due to the five or five election waves, the DPP felt its weight, and b. It's the normal trick to eradicate people. "In this way, called punching together to the DPP."

Korea & Yu said there are both PDD routine selection methods. And there is one confusion and ideology; party, and the war-disease "the DPP laments Taiwan and Kuomintang does not enjoy Taiwan"; there is another trick for threatening candidates. The person who, despite their direct disasters, had just destroyed their personality, and the personality of the opponent was broken up, and the voters did not rely on him.

"The DPP's approach means that I feel that this is a political party that is not interested. The DPP has no means of suffering from the cruelty of the people. There is no way to understand what Taiwan people want now. " Why is this election nine-one-one? The DPP has been so rigorous from Taiwan's head to the end of Taiwan. "Because he is far from the people, he failed to love Taiwan's people."

YouTube YouTube Yubi also wrote that it was a long time to complain about this issue, because I did not want my family and team to be harmed by the facts right now, tell me that I hope this. It is a clean choice, full of love and patience. There is a small personal partnership and has democratic values. This is what we should protect and preserve. "Indeed, once again, let's use a selection of election to win. By returning to Taiwan's democracy, Taiwan's democracy will be better, inclusive and beautiful!"

▲ Text full Yu Yu face books. (Figure from the front face book of Korea, 2018.11.20)

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