The Christmas home that suits neighbors in La Florida "is translated" by neighbors' complaints: children want to return to the National


Exhibition In that house, the house Juana Palominos is located Florida, who wanted to be eight years decorated in a very sustainable way outside his house Christmas.

The light and decoration brought to light Floridians, who had a great deal to look at how the house would burn every night.

However, everyone was not happy. Palominos told him that LUN his immediate neighbors said for the vast number of people who came to see the show, which had even enforced that Carabineros would manage the route.

Because of this, They decided not to light up their house in 2018. "They do not want to come on the lights because many people come to watch. They say that it can be dangerous because it's a thunderbolt, but nothing happened If something happens, they'll behave me, "he said.

He said "the problems have dropped me. They said that the people who came to see the house walked on the grass, that the buttons were thrown down, they were parked on the edge the house, that they were a doorstep to a park park ".

Among the decoration included a light that moved to a rhythm of music, Maximum pipe of four meters, deer introduced from Ireland and with a spear. "Now I have saved everything because they've been bored," he said.

A company from the motor vehicle world said she could reach 65 and to complete her decoration paid around an additional $ 50 thousand in electricity, from the LED lights and they do not spend so much.

What do you expect to do? At this time it is not clear if it finally puts the light on it or the sale. For now, still receiving letters from children They want to reassess his decision and change his house to become a Christmas show again.

The committee mariner, Rodolfo Carter, on Twitter said "we will be as homosexuals as we can as far as possible to restore the heritage that is at risk."

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