At a half-time Saturday at the Bryant-Denny Stadium, the Citadel and No. 1 Alabama were required, 10-10.

That's not a printout.

The Bulldogs, the members of the Section I Football Sub-Division and the South Conference, the 500 mile trip from Charleston to Tuscaloosa and the Tide on the ropes at home.

There were five different players running to & # 39; boat for the Citadel at the 30 minute play, including Dante Smith, who became the first player to fight against Alabama in November. The Bulldog did not throw any way in the first two quarters.

Bulldog players were not the only ones that were in play. The Citadel Twitter account may be the best performance of the day.

After Alabama suggested a "No score November," The Citadel answered, and then took hold of both in Mississippi State and LSU.

Leave the Tidy to start the second half, and let's go. The Bulldogs dropped the first, a & # 39; miss a 45-yard playground visit.

Alabama Alabama 72 yards down the field, screwed in five plays to restore the direction.

If the Citadel could not be kept close, it was fun while it was a while; to survive.


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