The Citadel vs. Alabama: Never forgotten her first half amazing


Well, it's Week 12 of the college's football season and its staff, the second half of their season was in Alabama against a 4-5 FCS team The Citadel during what is believed to be a Scottish Cup week; in SEC. It was easy enough to pull a Bomb in the second half, but the Citadel's first half was glorious.


Drink it in, people.


The first half had spread to Alabama -42!

2. Alabama brought up more gardens in the first half than it did during the season.

Nick Saban's defense had given less than 100 yards for protection in the first half of the season. There were 149 yards of total crime in the Citadel in a & # 39; town first half alone. The Citadel runs the triple option, a hard system to be protected, especially when you have a week to prepare.

Run to & # 39; wall that also helps to & # 39; Holding property down (there were only four in the Bomb in the first half), which restricted to & # 39; damage that the talented team can do.

"It's very challenging because it's obvious that it is different from anything we see (with any consistency)," Saban said earlier this week. "We spent time (working in front of us) in a fall camp. We spent time during the week trying to better understand our players what they need to do and how they need to play. "

3. This is a & # 39; The worst first half for Alabama.

The Tide was first introduced into this game in the country when it had been hitting its & # 39; The first half of the points, which prompts a large upgrade at a & # 39; break weekly.

4. The Citadel set the most outdated product to remove. Bomb protection has been given in years!

5. All of them had to be 12 minutes a half to get a score of crime – almost six times longer than usual for Alabama.

To the LSU game on November 3, Bama was circulated in the first two minutes of each game this season.

6. The Alabama game has been around 800 miles to see this half.

7. The Citadel Twitter account has been extremely fun.

Here he asked two SEC West teams who got the closing out by the Full:

8. Saban was already fond of flexible teams.

Not all this amazing thing – military trespassed academies have been with 36-11-1 against huge massive points since 1995. The Citadel is not technically an Army, Navy, or Air Force, but it looks like in some ways. And anyone who built the Citadel wanted to cover the 53-point rubbish; Like the first half, for her & # 39; least say.

Saban has not just taken FCS and triple choice teams quickly. At one time, this amazing result was about Georgia Southern in 2011:

Y & Y, not all remembering the Georgia Southern game, are you? I do not think we had one of that area that did not play in the NFL and that about four or five were come round the draft, and I think that team won that national competition but I'm not sure.

And they run through our donkey as a kit through a tin horn, a man, and we can not stop them. We can not stop them. They can not stop them.

Alabama clarified rapidly in the second half and looks at a distance to cover the spread of 53-point points, but in particular, it was fun and long ago; it was lasting!

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