The Citadel vs. Alabama: Play Crimson Full-water closed for half


It was fun while it was a & # 39; lasting – and lasted far longer than anyone expected.

It was a rare situation; , in which Alabama was mortal in 2018 – and did not face an enemy in the SEC, or against the Power 5 non-decision campaign, but against The Citadel, the FCS enemy who was – Saturday 4-5 year after year. At half a time, the Crimson Line and Bulldogs were tied at 10.

At the end, the Citadel set up 275 tons of string, logging 13 of the first down and even two second attempts down are turned. The protection that two people have to do is bankruptcy. And he lost 50-17. The sport did not stop more than a few minutes longer than half a time.

By this week, Alabama had not entered the catching room with a lead of less than 16 points. Despite the Citadel's three-dimensional crime, the Tide was thrown out of the normal rhythm routine, which brought together 7:08 open-end driver drivers that pushed out and pushed out. found their end to the opening drive, although they needed eight plays and 4:23 of a game clock to do it. Within a few minutes later, the defense from Alabama passed its first points in November, when Citadel gave her a " Dante Smith dropped the playground and threw off a 45-yard run to the pipes. At half, the Bulldogs had 149 yards on the ground, without passing rods (there would be no change at the end of the game), 10 points and the daily tweet. They were shocking so much of a block on their property that Nick Saban's team had just gone on; A member in his hand enough to achieve their normal normal numbers – although the Citadel placed half a pound and then Jerry Jeudy fumble.

In his post-play interview, Saban suggested that his team did not come to Saturday with the right mind. "When you're not ready for play, things do not happen."

Anyone was involved in the second half of the game that tried to get some problems from Alabama problems. to be distressed and they should know better. The Bulldogs started within a quarterly quarter quarters, when they were attempted to visit a 45-yard playground after a 40-yarder refused to start, and then the Tide went out to the races. Jaylen Waddle took a tad from Tua Tagovailoa with 10:26 a.m. living in the third quarter, and just 12 seconds later, Anfernee Jennings Fat Citadel returned for six other points. In addition to the 75-garage Citadel renovation drive in the fourth quarter, b & # 39; Alabama was down the section.

There is no reason to create more meaning for this game, which has resulted in a decrease in the Tide impact average, from 35.9 points to 35.6. It shows that it is & # 39; show that Alabama can not get enough for a week's week week against the FCS team, and it's up to date. recommends that a talented team could have a choice for running for the playoff, the Tide may be heavy for just a quarter. That is the case, there is no such team, and Alabama tours. The Citadel will finalize her season next week against Charleston Southern, and whatever happens, it will be possible to do so in 2018, he put so many points against Alabama as Miss Ole, Missouri, Mississippi State and LSU together.

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